Should Couples Have a TV in the Bedroom? Pros & Cons 

We receive a lot of exposure to the screen in our daily routine lives ranging from watching TV shows, texting, and ordering online. Before the invention of smartphones, TV used to be the main source of entertainment in the house. Today, we’ll discuss the question should couples have a TV in the bedroom; its pros and cons.

Pros of Couples Have a TV in the Bedroom 

Some of the key pros and advantages of the question “Should Couples Have a TV in the Bedroom” are as follows;

Better Than Scrolling Smartphones

Watching no screen at all is the ideal state. But when it comes to making the comparison, then watching TV is less harmful than scrolling up and down your smartphone. Many research studies on the sleep cycle have found that more exposure to screen before bedtime badly impact your sleep cycle. Other studies have shown that becoming actively engaged with the entertainment source is more jeopardizing than watching TV from a distance.

Bonding & Connecting Source

Watching your favorite show in the companionship of your partner helps you strengthen your connection. Sharing media content with your partner develops feelings of closeness and intimacy. Many studies have proven the benefits of having separate social circles and their significance for partners, and watching TV together compensates for that. Watching TV at the end of the day is a treat for many couples and partners.


Many relationship and psychological experts believe that watching TV calms down your nerves and lower your stress level. Not all types of content on digital media is toxic, and some of the shows are interesting and calming. Most importantly, watching TV is a passive activity and it doesn’t require an intentional approach just like you need it while scrolling social media, playing video games, and online shopping. Your mood is highly dependent on the type of shows that you are watching, and it is another topic to discuss the type of shows you should watch.

Watching Favorite Shows

Having a TV in your bedroom allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and news channels anytime in your bed without leaving the bedroom. It doesn’t matter what the time, you can have the access to entertainment, news, and shows anytime whenever you want it if you have got a TV in the bedroom.

Noise Machine

Many people say that watching TV acts like a noise machine that helps them to go to sleep when they come back to work at the end of the day. In fact, many TV programs and smart applications run special meditative programs that help people to go to sleep. Depending on your sleeping needs and geographic location, your noise machine like a TV would help you to have a deep sleep depending on the frequency of particular noise your mind needs.

Preferred Shows

If you have got a big family and everyone has got their own preferred shows and no one agrees on a single show. The best solution is to have a separate TV in their bedrooms, and it would help you to avoid conflicts and show timing clashes. Let’s face the facts, if five members of the family have got different show preferences for late night, then it would definitely create conflicts and disagreements in the family.

Bedroom Not Only For Sleep

We are living in the era of technology and the internet, and people are doing work from home. In such a scenario, your bedroom should have multiple functions rather than occupying your room space only for sleep and nothing else. With a little effort, you can convert your room into a library, a gymnasium, a nursery, an office, an entertainment place, or a sleeping quiet space.

Cons of Couples Have a TV in the Bedroom 

Some of the main cons and disadvantages of the question “Should Couples Have a TV in the Bedroom” are as follows;

Limited Intimacy

When it comes to choosing between sexual intimacy and the TV; it may seem like an awkward question, but it impacts your sexual desire and intimacy. A study by National Sleep Foundation has shown that watching TV for long hours would badly disturb your sexual life. If people are aware of the fact that reducing their screen time would improve their sexual life, they would definitely cut down their screen time. According to an estimate, half of the British population is ready to relinquish sex for months for the new 50-inch plasma TV.

Reduces Sleep Cycle

Studies have shown that watching your favorite TV shows late at night would disrupt your sleep cycle. When you watch your favorite TV shows and they have back-to-back episodes, it may feel like relaxing at the end of the day but it actually disturbs your mental peace. Experts say that binge-watching before bedtime causes poor-quality sleep, fatigue, and insomnia.

Causing Eye Strain

If you spend a lot of time watching TV, then the blue light emitted from your TV screen or the smartphone screen would cause eyesight problems. Recent studies have shown that the effects of blue light are injurious to health. It causes digital eye strain and its symptoms are difficulty focusing and irritated eyes. Watching TV late at night amplifies the chances of developing eye strain issues.

Limited Melatonin Production

Studies have shown that exposure to the blue light of the TV screen reduces the production of melatonin in your body. It is a type of hormone that makes you go to sleep, feel drowsy, and impacts your circadian cycle. Usually, our body intakes blue lights from the sun, if you receive blue lights from the TV screen, then it would make your body think that it is still daytime, and ultimately it would disturb your nighttime rhythm.

Separate TV Creates Big Problems

TV is not only for adults, but children also have the access to the TV and they have it in their rooms. Now, the question is whether they should have the access to the TV or not because exposing kids to the TV at an early age has got negative impacts on their minds. Studies have shown that children having a TV in their bedroom are likely to develop negative habits like aggression, negative self-esteem, depression, limited sociability, poor sleeping, and overeating.

Conclusion: Should Couples Have a TV in the Bedroom? Pros & Cons 

After an in-depth study of the pros and cons of the question of whether should couples have a TV in the bedroom; we have realized that having a TV in the bedroom offers both advantages and disadvantages. If you are studying its impacts and making the decision, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned advantages and disadvantages.