Should I Stay in a Sexless Marriage? 

Sexual intimacy plays a significant role in the growth and development of marriage and relationships. The bedroom activities of couples and partners are different for different people, and they change over time depending on various factors. The concept of healthy sex life would be different and relevant to your partner. Many people are living in a sexless marriage, their intimacy has declined over time, or it has been limited from the start. Today, we’ll discuss “should I stay in a sexless marriage,” and its importance in the relationship.

Importance of Sex in a Marriage and Relationship 

Before answering the question “should I stay in a sexless marriage,” it is important to discuss the significance of sex in a marriage and relationship.

Source of Emotional Connection

Many people engage in sexual activity because of the obvious physical and health benefits, and satisfaction of their desires, and it allows them to emotionally connect with their partner. The frequency and desire of sexual activity in a relationship tell the health of a relationship. However, when you are physically intimate with your partner, then it strengthens your emotional connection and bond with your partner. If people are frequently engaging in sexual activity, then it doesn’t measure their happiness; other elements of love and intimacy are equally important.

Fading Connection

If couples and partners have lost the desire for sex suddenly or over time, then it is a very good sign that their emotional connection is fading away. If couples and partners are staying in a sexless marriage because their sexual intimacy wasn’t fulfilling, then it means that their sexual relationship wasn’t satisfactory.

The reason couples and partners stay in sexless marriages is that their partner is their best friend and ideal partner. If you’re compromising on sexual intimacy, then you should keep in mind that you would have to stay in the sexless marriage forever, and there is no way of getting out of it.

Should I Stay in a Sexless Marriage? 

Let’s discuss the question “should I stay in a sexless marriage” the answer is very simple if you know the importance of sexual intimacy to you and your partner.

Your Needs & Desires

When we talk about the success and happiness of a sexless marriage, then it depends on your needs and desires, and your partner’s as well. If you and your partner are okay with limited sexual intimacy, then you can maintain a healthy balance in the relationship. Therefore, it is significant that you should first analyze your sexual needs before suggesting whether your partner could meet and satisfy your needs or not.

If Sex is Essential Or Not

Some people find sex absolutely necessary and an important building block of their marriage and relationship. In romantic relationships, you could rarely put sexual intimacy off the table. However, the focus of some other types of people is on establishing an emotional connection, and doing so would help them to maintain a successful and long-lasting relationship. Some other couples and partners would have an open relationship to satisfy their sexual desires and be emotionally committed to their partner.

Reasons for Sexless Marriage 

Every relationship is different and every couple is facing different sets of challenges. You have to analyze your relationship from different perspectives and find out the root cause of it. You should ask yourself whether your emotional connection is fading away or find it difficult to develop the connection.

Different Life Stages

As you are aware of the fact that we go through different stages of life; limited intimacy is normal for some people and others see it reducing. Different life stages would get in the way, and you realize that you are not having sexual intimacy as frequently as you used to. However, various life events like a newborn baby or illness would interrupt your physical intimacy schedule; it may or may not resume back to normal. Some other issues like stress, depression, or anxiety from work would impact your sexual desire.

Life After Children

Once kids enter the marriage, then it becomes various difficult for couples to maintain their sexual intimacy. They find it challenging to perceive their partner sexually rather they see it as a family partner and caretaker of their children. However, postpartum depression could badly impact couples and their sexual intimacy; they don’t talk about it and it aggravates the situation. It is significant that couples should openly talk about sexless marriage situations because sexual intimacy is highly important in connecting the partners.

Changed Attraction Preferences

The other reason is that couples don’t find their partners sexually attractive anymore, and they have an attraction toward someone else. The change of preference happens because of various reasons like their partner has gained weight, not showing interest in the sexual activity, and showing unwillingness. Things and factors that used to turn them on have changed, and they find themselves in the situation of the reawakening of love.

Not a Priority

Sexual intimacy is not a priority for some people and they love their partner without engaging in physical intercourse. They consider their partner as a friend rather than a romantic partner. However, such couples find their peace by living in a sexless marriage, and the reason behind their happiness is that both partners are on the page.

Conclusion: Should I Stay in a Sexless Marriage? 

After an in-depth study of the question “should I stay in a sexless marriage;” we have realized that staying or not staying in marriage depends on various factors. You have to analyze your physical and sexual desires first and then discuss them with your partner. If sex is not a priority for you and your partner, then you should stay. Otherwise, you should leave and connect with the person that meets your desires.