Signs of a Female Narcissist 

Often people overlook and forget the ruthless nature of women narcissists just like sociopaths and psychopaths. Usually, they engage in the relational type of aggression like the “teenage girls,” and people assume that they would grow up eventually. Today, we’ll discuss the signs of a female narcissist.

Research studies have shown that the young girls that exhibit a high level of relational aggression, tend to lack empathy and uncaring attitude toward others. Their behavior comprises sabotaging the relationship, exclusion, and gossiping, and these traits are more common among narcissists and antisocial people.

Women narcissists are equally dangerous as the men narcissists, but they protect their true selves in the stereotype of the catty best friend, sweet old grandmother, maternal mother, and a gentle young girl. No one can suspect that such a sweet and nurturing woman could be ruthless, vindictive, and cruel. They also don’t expect the mother to abuse, neglect, and abandon her children.

The narcissistic nature among women doesn’t just develop out of aggression in childhood. It evolves and turns into more aggressive behavior in adulthood, and they use their manipulative behavior to exploit others and serve their personal agenda.

According to a rough estimate, 75% of narcissists are men, and the statistic is more gender-biased. It’s because of the confusion resulting from the presence of various types of disorders due to gendered socialization. One thing has become clear after a lot of surviving stories that the statistical figure of women narcissists are much higher than assumed by the biased reports.

Signs of a Female Narcissist 

Some of the tops signs of a female narcissist are as follows;

Crossing Boundaries

Women narcissists make sure that they have a group of admirers lurking in the background, and it allows them to develop feelings of jealousy of their romantic partners. They get themselves involved in the love triangles frequently with other men and women depending on their sexual interests in order to validate that they’re the object of desire. However, they also commit physical and emotional infidelity without any remorseful feelings deceiving their partner.

Narcissistic women also cross the boundaries of women’s bond of friendship by trying to “make a move” on the partners of their friends. They feel disappointed when their seduction doesn’t work, and when their friends enjoy the company of their friends more than they do. However, the betrayal of narcissistic women is more traumatizing and hurtful, and it shows the extent to which their narcissistic pathological sense would go.

Obsession with Superficiality & Materialism

The narcissistic women fall under the stereotype category of “femme fatale” or “seductive women.” Usually, they’re more attractive just like the charming personality of narcissistic men, and they use their attractive sexuality to gain an advantage. Since women in our society socialize and objectify themselves, narcissistic women follow the same pattern of using their physical charm to affirm their power.

The focus of narcissistic men is to earn more and more wealth, and the goal of narcissistic women is to spend it excessively (Hammond 2015). That’s why they have got a highly materialistic nature and they enjoy putting on the luxury clothes of the best designers at the cost of their loved ones. They can also gather their wealth in order to show off their superiority.

The narcissistic women would also use their accomplishments, degrees, credentials, and wealthy accumulations to terrorize and control others. For instance, a narcissistic female professor would use constructive criticism as a disguise to taunt, bully, and hypercriticize her most brilliant female students in the classroom. Despite her own great position and power, their intellect and talent would threaten her that they might surpass her.

Sabotaging Relationships

Narcissistic women develop associations and affiliations with their target in order to achieve status and gain access to the resources. After the idealization phase and using their target, they would discard and devalue their target. They would spread rumors, leaking false humiliating information about the love triangle against their victim. Some of the main traits of women narcissists that you should keep in mind while analyzing your group are as follows;

  • Odd exchange of looks, strange energy, and difficult silence when you enter the room; and the person that seems friendly in such a situation would be the same person talking behind your back.
  • A woman friend that seems very sweet, friendly, kind, and admiring at the start of the friendship; and you would happen to disclose all of your secrets due to her trustworthy and disarming behavior. Later you’ll hear that the people are openly talking about your secretes that you confided with one person. People start excluding you from public events, and social gatherings and avoiding talking to you.
  • You would observe that the narcissistic women friend would talk bad about your friends repetitively in a contemptuous manner. When it comes to talking to them face to face, they pretend that everything is good. The duplicity is a very good example of their deceptive nature because an authentic person would probably lose one’s temper in stress or in conflict.


The physical expression of aggression is the trait of narcissistic men, whereas relational aggression is the trait of women. The cruelty and malignant nature of women are no different than men. In fact, they employ the most abusive techniques in the women’s friendship bond.

If one poses a threat to the narcissistic women in the group of friends. The challenge could be in the form of desirability, status, resources, personality, appearance, and success. Their focus is to extinguish all of her resources and fail and humiliate them. However, narcissistic women won’t do it openly at once; they would put themselves in the spotlight of the social circle and keep working against them in the background.

Pleasure in Someone else’s Pain

One of the main traits of narcissistic women is to feel joyful and experience joyful and pleasurable feelings by destroying others and keeping them down. They would love to see the offended and shocking look on the face of their confident victims. However, they don’t show empathy in the emotional conversation and respond in a shallow manner

Narcissistic women are very kind and friendly with the victims and then discard and devalue their victims without feeling anything. That’s why they face difficulty in building and maintaining a healthy relationship with anyone, and they enjoy jeopardizing friendships and relationships.

Conclusion: Signs of a Female Narcissist 

After an in-depth study of signs of a female narcissist; we have realized that narcissistic women are more common than we estimated. If you observe any of the abovementioned signs in anyone, then you should be careful with such person.