Signs of a Gay Man & Lesbian – Tips to Identify Them 

Before psychoanalyzing anyone, you should ensure that you have a “gay mindset” of understanding them. Don’t forget to pay heed to the accurate details that how long they have been there. If you have got experience in analyzing people correctly, then you should feel good and be confident. You don’t spend a lot of time on data collection and verifying it, because there isn’t any. Today, we’ll discuss signs of a gay man or lesbian.

Signs of a Gay Man/Lesbian – Tips to Identify Them 

Not everyone is gay or lesbian; you should have to recognize them based on a keen observatory skill set and signs. Some of the main signs of a gay man or lesbian in order to identify them are as followers;

High Pitched Voice

Since we’re deciding the sexuality of a person on his/her behalf based on the signs, the first thing you should notice is the high-pitched voice. If a person is speaking in a high-pitched voice, it is highly probable that the person is homosexual. However, the pitch of your voice is completely different from your body’s biology and has got nothing to do with it, and it actually decides your sexuality. You don’t have to listen to the scientists all the time, the conspiracy theorists and heuristics can be right once in a while. After all, it’s all about the guesswork.

Hand Gesture Excessively

Homosexually use their hand gestures excessively, and you should pay heed to it. For instance, if the first male has an attraction towards the other male, and the first person would move around his hands while speaking than the average person. Perhaps you would have noticed that branches of the outdoor tree would move around more than those indoor trees and plans. You should follow the same logic and understand things this way.

The human species have worked a lot to improve its personality and they consider it fun to visit homosexual bars, put on strong cologne, and be well-groomed. Just take the example of Christian Stovitz in the romantic comedy movie “Clueless” of 1995, how wrong the audience and surprised when they find out that the suspect turned out to be a homosexual person. Hollywood’s content offers a detailed encyclopedia to comprehend the diversity of minority groups in society.


Homosexual women actively participate in the feminist movements, and they won’t put on a bra and don’t care about shaving. When you start discussing politics with them, they would openly express their distaste for the men’s gentiles a few minutes later.

Usually, they have got tattoos and piercing on various areas of their body like the tongue/nose/ears piercing. They symbolize the act of defiance against the male patriarchal system and they love to do that.  


If you watch some of the top movies and series like Easy A, Girls, Orange Is the New Black, Glee, Modern Family, and Legally Blonde; they all have got homosexual characters in them. Most of the homosexual characters in them are western white people. However, if you’re a man of color of different ethnicity, then you’re wondering why the person can’t be homosexual.

You don’t have to confuse things with the diversity of ethnicity. The character of every person is unique and different, and you don’t have to be biased by ethnicity while analyzing sexuality.

No Dyed Hairs – Not Gay

If the person in question hasn’t dyed one’s hair of any color, then it’s the permanent line on the palm of their hands that they are not homosexual. They could be anything like queer, pan, bi, or something else, but definitely not gay or lesbian. If you have learned some defining traits of homosexual men and women from Hollywood, they are true to a great extent.

Sexuality Focused

Other heterosexual people have got a variety of interests, they’re from different backgrounds, and their way of interpreting things is different. But the focus of homosexual men or women is on their sexuality. For instance, movies taught us that homosexuals are struggling with defining their true identity in the early years of their lives. After that they want people to accept their identity, and they spend the rest of their lives doing the sexuality-focused things of their chosen identity.

Assume Everything – Don’t Haste

After studying some of the signs of homosexual men and women on some top blogs; don’t think that you have the recipe to fit people into the narrative of your description. As we are aware homosexual people are in minority, and you won’t see them often. Therefore, you should assume everything about everyone before fitting them into the narrative of your description. You should avoid thinking about your future interest, possible hobbies, and other traits of the people; because such information would baffle your mind.

Conclusion: Signs of a Gay Man & Lesbian – Tips to Identify Them 

After a careful study of the signs of a gay man or lesbian; we have realized that it’s not easy to recognize a person’s sexuality because everyone is different. You should keep in mind a lot of variables before making any decisions and labeling anyone with their sexuality.