Signs of Lust in a Woman 

When a female colleague or a girl in the bar or hotel has an attraction toward you, she would send some signals. Usually, guys are hesitant to approach beautiful women in the bar due to the fear of rejection. They don’t want to feel embarrassed and ruin their chances of meeting other beautiful women. Today, we’ll discuss some of the tops signs of lust in a woman.

Signs of Lust in a Woman 

Some of the main signs of lust in a woman are as follows;

Making First Move

If a girl has an attraction toward you and you aren’t noticing her attention, then you won’t wait for it any longer. You would make the first move by getting closer to you, talking to you, walking towards you, and finding ways to be closer to you and touch you. It’s possible that she would invite you to visit her place or gallery. However, if you notice these repetitive signs in her body language, then you should make a move. If she responds well, it means that she has got a genuine interest in you.

Ask Your Past Sexual Experience

In the introduction stage, people ask each other casual questions in order to know each. If she has got attraction, the nature of the questions would be different and more personalized, deeply emotional, and intimate like your previous sexual experience. The goal of these questions is to develop a connection and bond with you. Her flow of conversation won’t stop, even though she is in a relationship with the other person.

Attractive Dress

In order to get your attention, she would go the extra mile by putting on attractive dresses of the latest fashion. You would also observe that she begins to wear short skirts and low-cut blouses. However, she becomes more active and sashays in order to show her presence to you, and she won’t hesitate to show her skin to you.

Moving her Legs

While talking to her, you should observe how often she is opening, crossing, and uncrossing her legs and she is touching her skirt. These are the clear signs that she wants to be physically intimate with you.

Hanging Out With You

Some girls are shy and hesitant and they won’t take the direct step. Instead, they would hang out and accompany you in order to make their attention. It is possible that she would ask you out to have a coffee, dinner, or a picnic in order to clarify their interests. You should pay heed to such signs.

Talks about Her Sexuality

If she has an attraction towards you, then she would openly talk about her fantasies and her intimacy desires. These are very personal details, and she would only talk to you when she feels comfortable around you. However, if the conversation is going towards physical intimacy, then it’s a clear sign of her lustful desires.  

Biting Her Lips

If you observe a girl biting her lips while listening to you or looking at you, it’s a way of her showing her physical interest in you. Lips biting don’t happen often and it’s the strongest sign of her sexual desire for you. If she is doing it while looking at you, then she wants to arouse the same type of sexual feelings in you.

Seductive Look

If she wants to attract your attention, you would purposely look at her and share a smile and then look away in order to develop curiosity in you. Women do it for reasons; the first is to show their sexual lustful desire, and the second is to lustful look with emotionally filled eyes.

Mimic You

Children do mimic for fun and have some laughter. Unconsciously, women mimic your body language because they’re carefully observing you and thinking about you. When she is talking to you, she would fold her arms at the same time when you do it. However, it’s an affirmation gesture whatever you’re saying.

Play with Hair Lock

If a girl is playing with hair lock, tossing her hair, and exposing her neck while looking at you or talking to you. She would stare at you and roll her fingers in her hair, and you find her fondling the hair lock at the same time. If the above signs are there, it means she wants to be physically intimate with you. You should go over there and talk to her.

Laugh at Your Jokes

If you tell her something funny, she would laugh at your joke to show interest in the conversation. Even if the joke is not interesting, she would still listen to you and smile back to show that you’re a charming person.

Complimenting You

If she finds you attractive and charming, she would compliment you regularly because women don’t compliment you generously. If she is doing so often about your looks, physique, and attitude; it means she is up for something else and complementing is just a start.

Making Eye Contact

Finally and most importantly, women that have an attraction towards you, would engage in eye contact with you often. It is not just an accidental look and then turns away, she would gaze at you a bit longer. If it’s possible, you should gaze back to see how it goes, and you’ll find your answers.

Conclusion: Signs of Lust in a Woman 

After an in-depth study of signs of lust in a woman; we have realized that lustful desires are a natural response to our physical attraction. If you’re getting an attraction to someone, you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips to affirm your curiosity.