Signs that Your Husband Might be Gay 

There are some behavioral changes in your partner that are making you question his sexuality. You’re wondering whether he has cheated on you with some other guys or not, and how you should deal with the whole situation. Your partner won’t share such details about his life with you if this is the case. Today, we’ll discuss the signs that your husband might be gay, and how you should deal with the whole situation.

Signs that Your Husband Might be Gay 

Some of the main signs that your husband might be gay are as follows;


If you and your friends observe that your husband has a feminine personality and traits, it doesn’t mean that he is effeminate. As we are aware of the fact that feminine traits of your personality don’t define your personality. If he is not showing any interest in you in terms of physical intimacy, checking out other men, and using a gay dating application on his phone, then it means that he is homosexual in the light of all other signs.

Secretive About His Life

You notice that your husband is very secretive about various activities of his life in general, and it makes you realize that you don’t even know him at all. For instance, he locks out everything on his phone like gallery, call history, applications, etc, and you would require the password to check it out. He would sneak out in the middle of the night and lie about going to the conference, and cold lies about spending late nights in the office.

These are the clear signs of cheating and your partner is cheating on you with other men or women. If you observe other signs of the changes in his behavior and sexual orientation, then it means that he could be homosexual.

Impressing Other Men

If you observe that your partner is working on his appearance in order to impress other men. It could be in the form of trying to look good or showing off to other men, it means that he has interests in other men.

It is important to mention here that some men are alpha males and they have to be confident around other male companions and not be intimidated by them. But there is a clear difference between the alpha males and just trying to look good to attract their attention and show off.

Gay Dating App on His Phone

If you find a homosexual dating application on his smartphone or a list of websites in his browsing history, then it doesn’t require any further explanation. It is a clear sign of his interest in homosexuality. However, if you have to talk to him about it, then he would probably lie and joke about it. But no one checks out the list of homosexual websites for hours just for laugh. It means that he has an attraction to other men but is afraid to admit that.

No Sexual Interest in You

Another important sign is that your husband doesn’t show any sexual interest in you. Before jumping to the conclusion, you should ask yourself whether you have ever had a healthy sexual life with him, or you have always felt rejected sexually.

For instance, if your partner is homosexual, then he won’t spend endless hours engaging in sexual activity with his wife, because she won’t interest him or excite him. If you’re not happy with your sexual life with your husband and it is happening rarely, then it surely means that he doesn’t have a passion for heterosexual physical intimacy.

Ask for Anal Sex

Partners and couples would like to explore their sexuality in the bedroom if both partners are on the same page. For instance, some partners would like to engage in anal sex with you, and the others like to do the casual, and they keep on experimenting with various techniques and styles from time to time.

However, if your partner would always prefer to do anal sex, then it means that he’s imagining you as a man while doing the physical intercourse. When a partner doesn’t engage in vaginal intercourse and always performs anal intercourse, then it means that he is homosexual.

Accompany Men

If your husband is accompanying other men all the time, then it suggests two things. First, he is a real man or an alpha male that people love his company, and the second meaning is that he just likes the company of other men. For instance, if your husband doesn’t have the traits of alpha males, and is in the only men’s club to accompany men; it means that he has homosexual interests. He wants to accompany other men in order to stay away from you.

Watches Male Porn

The other thing that you would observe is that your partner would always choose to watch the gay porno. When you insist on watching heterosexual porn, then he would only look at the men rather than the women. However, some experts say if a person watches male porno twice a day, then it means that they have got serious desire to be physically intimate with men.

Check out other Men

You would observe that your husband always checks out other men and stares at them for an abnormal length of time. The look and staring are not just incidental or admiring, it is seductive and he would carefully check out their various body parts. However, if you bring up the subject that why he stares at other men, then he would simply get furious about it.


If your husband is not heterosexual and has got a clear interest in other men, then he would be highly against homosexual couples and their relationships and living together. In fact, he would become abusive while discussing homosexuality. It surely means that he is suppressing his own sexuality uncomfortably and putting his anger on them.

Conclusion: Signs that Your Husband Might be Gay 

After an in-depth study of signs that your husband might be gay; we have realized that some men suppress their sexuality and get married against their true nature. If you as a wife or girlfriend observes these signs in your boyfriend or husband, then it means he may have homosexual interests and he requires clear therapeutic help.