Signs Your Boyfriend is Losing Feelings 

If your 6th sense tells you that there is something off in your relationship, and you have a suspicion that your boyfriend losing that your partner is losing interest in you. But you don’t know how to verify and confirm your suspicion; it is not wrong to have your suspicions about your committed relationship. Today, we’ll discuss the top signs your boyfriend is losing feelings.

Signs Your Boyfriend is Losing Feelings 

Some of the top signs your boyfriend is losing feeling in you are as follows;

Doesn’t Care About Your Views

When people are in love, they care about each other’s views and what the other partner has to say. If he doesn’t have feelings for you or does not care about you, they won’t ask a question or pay heed on words whatever you are saying because he doesn’t care. You would find him in the room with you and playing with his phone but his mind is not there.

Not Giving You Time

Love birds prefer to spend time with each other’s company without any reason. They just want their partner to be around them. Whenever you make plans of spending time with him, he would make excuses for work, meetings, traveling out of town for work, and other reasons. He would choose to spend his time anywhere except with you. If you spend some time together, then you would observe that there is something off in him.

Not Prioritizing You

It is not a bad thing to hang out with your friends, family, acquaintances, and colleagues. It can become a problem with you spend time and hang out with everyone, except your girlfriend. However, if your boyfriend is doing so and not making effort to keep you happy, then it means that you aren’t a priority to them in his life.

Becomes Unreachable

Whenever you text him or call him, then he won’t answer your text or call immediately. He would reply to you a few hours later. Once he leaves your sight, then he becomes unreachable because he won’t show any excitement and enthusiasm talking to you over the phone.

Not Enthusiasm about You

Boys love to see their girls again after spending some time away from them. When the passion of love fades away, then you won’t see the same spark in his eyes and smile anymore that he used to show to you. His excitement level would be the same as he greets any other ordinary person.

No Effort

A relationship requires 100% effort from both partners. If you realize that you are doing all the groundwork like cooking, cleaning, planning, and grocery. Your boyfriend would just stay there and play with his phone, and he won’t make any contribution to put a smile on your face and make your life simpler and easier.


Romance allows you to connect with your partner emotionally and spiritually along with physically. When he loses his feelings for you, then he won’t do any of the romantic gestures like date night, flowers, and others. You would realize that you are only connecting with him physically, and no emotional connection.

Become Nuisance

You would observe the change in his attitude and behavior. It doesn’t matter whatever you say or do makes him feel angry. For instance, if you ask him to accompany your friends and relatives, then he would say that you’re pressurizing him to do things. If you say something funny and humorous, then he would take it personally.

Fighting With You

Along with getting angry and making things personal, he would always find a reason to start fighting with you. Everything you say or do would annoy him, and he would start fighting with you over it.

Sticking to Things

Good partners discuss things and let small things go to focus on the bigger picture of establishing a relationship. If you think that he is not letting things and keeping grudges, then it means he lost his feelings for you. For instance, if he is not connecting, not doing romantic gestures, and not engaging with you, then you aren’t a priority to him anymore.

No Help

Couples and partners give each other a hand while performing household chores like; cooking, washing laundry, cleaning, picking up kids from school, or bringing their documents to the office. If he doesn’t help you and won’t assist you in performing those chores, it makes you feel alone in the relationship, and he is not into you emotionally.

Not Talking

Couples and partners discuss things and work things out in the relationship. They discuss future plans like their place of residence, the number of children they would have, or the ideal neighborhood, and they dream together about their ideal future. However, if he doesn’t have feelings for you, then he won’t share things with you and stop talking about it.

Conclusion: Signs Your Boyfriend is Losing Feelings 

After an in-depth study of the top signs, your boyfriend is losing feelings; we have realized that it takes time to establish feelings and emotions. If you’re feeling something off in the relationship, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned signs to verify your suspicion.