Social Media is Ruining My Relationship 

In the modern technological era of the 21st century, social media has become an important part of our lives. It allows us to communicate with our friends and family members and connect with the world. However, it also becomes the main source of resistance and conflict among couples, partners, marriage, and relationships. Today, we’ll discuss the top ways how social media is ruining my relationship.

Social Media is Ruining My Relationship 

Some of the top ways how social media is ruining my relationship are as follows;

Past Influencing Present

Let’s say you are happy and satisfied with your existing partner. Suddenly, you start receiving messages and comments in your personal inbox and also in your posts. You have no other choice, but to reply to their messages and questions, even though you don’t have any wrong intentions. When you text back and forth with your ex, it would definitely cause suspicious feelings and create a drift between partners. Your past would impact your present and current time.


Phubbing is a social media term and it means avoiding someone right in front of you by engaging with your phone. For instance, you are telling your friend about your bad experience at work, and your friend suddenly starts laughing after watching the funny video on their phone, and it would hurt you emotionally.

Virtual Life Impacting Personal Life

You and your partner go on a romantic date, and you take a photo for Facebook as soon as you reach there. When the food comes to your table, you take some shots for Instagram before eating it. However, you also take a selfie with your partner or date for the WhatsApp status. After posting all of those pictures, you would spend the rest of the evening and night checking out notifications from your friends and followers. You could spend the same time accompanying your date and partner and enjoy time in the real life.

Difficult to Ignore Temptation

Social media platforms are very simple and easy, and they allow you to find and connect with your distant friends online that you can’t see in your routine life. The easy method of communicating and connecting with people may tempt you to think about other romantic options. The innocent and harmless flirting would lead you towards cheating on your partner.

Limited Interest in Each Other

Couples and partners used to perform affectionate gestures like hugging, cuddling, kissing, and other gestures right after entering the bedroom. Nowadays, they go straight to their phones and check out the notifications and start texting and chatting instead of talking to each other. Couples and partners have got more interest in their phones rather than in each other.

Changing Expectations

When you see the love and romantic pictures of other couples and partners online, then it amplifies your standards. It would create conflicts and dissatisfaction in you when your partner doesn’t reach the same level of expectations. The focus of couples and partners is to share pictures and videos online, rather than focusing on each other and making their relationship stronger and better.

Jeopardizing Privacy

Some people have got the show off nature, and they would love to create buzz by sharing intimate pictures in order to receive comments and likes. Their focus is proving to the world that their relationship is great. Instead of enjoying the beautiful private moments of their lives, they seek validation from strangers about the happiness of their relationship.

Receiving Unwanted Attention

Let’s say you are on a romantic vacation with your partner on some island, and you take a picture with your partner and share it on social media. You receive a nasty and jealous comment from any of your followers, and it would make feel upset and turn off your mood throughout the romantic vacation. The vacation you thought romantic would turn out to be bad due to the unwanted attention that you received online.

Making You Feel Insecure

Couples and partners usually check out the likes, comments, and reactions on the posts and memes of their partners. Let’s say the ex of your partner is commenting on their posts and they are replying to each other back and forth. For instance, if you find the comments funny, loving, and flirting, then it would make you feel insecure and cause conflict in your relationship.

Limited Intimate Conversation

Remember the time when you met and started dating each other, you used to talk to each other a lot. You used to have a strong urge of talking and meeting to each other face-to-face. Nowadays, couples and partners are one click away on social media and they see each other all the time. Social media scrolling consumes a lot of their time and they have got limited time left for each other to engage in intimate conversation.

Limited Attention in Real Life

It is becoming necessary for partners and couples to share a “happy birthday and happy anniversary” on each other’s timeline and show the world how much they love each other. What’s the point of having a relationship when they don’t passionately kiss each other? However, expressing their love and feelings publically on social media has now become more important than spending quality time and paying attention to each other in real life.

Sharing Emotions Cause Fights

Consider your partner is angry because their colleague asked them about the fight you both were having. Now, the question is how they knew about this and they don’t have a right to ask you personal stuff about your life. The reason they know and they are asking is because you wrote a post and expressed your feelings and emotions.

Conclusion: Social Media is Ruining My Relationship 

After an in-depth study of how social media is ruining my relationship; we have realized that social media could badly impact your relationship. If you are wondering how social media ruining your relationship, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned points.