Spiritual Benefits of Celibacy 

Celibacy offers you a lot of spiritual and physical benefits. I know you have heard from doctors and psychologists that physical intercourse is a pleasurable experience and good for your health. Some say that you should have a test drive before buying the merchandise. However, if you don’t have physical intimacy before marriage, then you’re exposing yourself to a lot of risks. Today, we’ll discuss the spiritual benefits of celibacy.

Spiritual Benefits of Celibacy 

Guided by God/Universe

Various belief system explains that abstinence means that God is guiding you. When you’ll meet the right person and are attracted to them physically, then you’ll know it. In the matrimonial context, sexual intercourse is not a sin Lord has created sex, and it’s not something to be ashamed of. The purpose of sex is that human beings could multiply and reproduce. If it wasn’t a pleasurable experience, then the human being wouldn’t have considered multiplying and reproducing.

Religiously speaking, God wants you to enjoy physical intercourse with the right person in the matrimonial context. If you’re being celibate for a spiritual reason, then it means that the universe is leading you to the right person that you’ll marry and have physical intimacy with.

You don’t have to roll your eyes and say that life without sex doesn’t have charm and joy. Many people have dealt with lustful sexual desires and they remained celibate for many years until meeting the right person.

Control Over you Flesh

You’ll have control over your flesh and body by remaining celibate. You have to keep in mind that you’re the product of flesh and soul. I understand that the physical body has its needs and natural desires like thirst and food that allow them to live and survive. You’ll have control over flesh and body when you choose to remain celibate.

There are many people that are controlled and ruled by their sexual desires. It is very difficult for them to leave and give up on their sexual desires. In fact, it impacts very important decisions of their lives. When you have sex, then you connect it with your soul. For instance, if you’re having sexual intercourse outside of marriage and you can’t stop doing it, then it means that you don’t have control over your flesh and body.

I understand that food and water are the basic necessities of your flesh that have got a lot of control over your body. It’s difficult for you to have control over food and water. However, sexual desires are completely different. It’s something that you can control if you remain determined.

When your body and flesh have control over your mind, then they would compel you to make wrong decisions and have control over your life. When your lustful desires are under your control, then it offers you a lot of control and power towards making the right self-aware decisions. However, once you realize the fact that your mind controls your body, and not the other way around, then you won’t fall into the temptation of your body.

Universe Rewards you later

The universe and God would offer you a much bigger reward later for being celibate in your life. You won’t see its results quickly just by doing it. The universe has a much bigger plan for you, and you just have to be patient. Often it’s difficult for people to do the right thing without getting any instant gratification. But nature and the universe works much differently, and they don’t let your efforts go to waste.

For instance, if you’re being celibate to please God and following his orders, then God won’t let you down. You should have faith in your goodness and believe in God that he would reward you for pleasing him and following his orders. You have to keep in mind that God loves his people and his followers, and he would reward you for your celibacy.

Clear your Mind

Celibacy offers you clarity of mind. If you’re having sexual intimacy without marriage, then lustful thoughts keep on coming into your mind repetitively. However, when you’re thinking about physical intimacy all the time, then you won’t have time to connect with the universe and work on your spiritual growth.

As they say that the Holy Spirit connects with you via consciousness. When sexual thoughts occupy your mind that you had last night, then there’s no space for the Holy Spirit. It has to face a lot of hurdles in the form of lustful thoughts to talk to you. However, when you’re practicing celibacy, then Holy Spirit doesn’t have to face resistance to connect with you and speak to you.

Devon Franklin offers a great many tips in his book “The Truth About Men” to remain celibate. He remained celibate for 7 years before getting married. He discusses how you can be more productive in your life when you don’t have sex in your life. However, when you don’t have lustful desires, not thinking about sex, then you must be thinking about something else and engage in some productive activities in your life.

Guide you to the Right Person

When you remain celibate, then it allows you to connect with the universe and deity. For instance, if you’re tired of getting involved in the wrong type of relationships that don’t lead you anywhere, then you should consider celibacy. It means that you have to make a peace with yourself and be patient until you find the right person for you.

It may take a few months to years when you meet and find the right person. When you’re not having physical intercourse with someone, then it is much easier for you to break things up because sex complicates things.

Here the right person is the one that marries you and makes you his wife with love, respect, and dignity. If you’re giving him all the benefits of wife for free, then you’re wasting your time with him. However, the only thing a woman wants from a man is the love and respect of a wife, if he doesn’t give it to you, then you won’t have to give up on yours. Once he commits himself to the marriage, then you can have all the physical intimacy whatever you want.

Conclusion: Spiritual Benefits of Celibacy 

After an in-depth study of the spiritual benefits of celibacy; we have realized that celibacy may sound crazy but it’s good for your mental and spiritual health. When your body doesn’t influence your mind, then you can make better decisions and be productive in your life.