Spiritual Energy – How to Increase it

 You should be energetic and enthusiastic if you want to achieve success in life. People only consider energy in the physical domain. In fact, it could be emotional, mental, or spiritual. Many research studies have confirmed the connection between spirituality, stress resilience, and success in life. When you ignore spiritual energy, then you don’t know what you’re looking for in life. Today, we’ll discuss what is spiritual energy; its impact, and tips to increase it.

What is Spiritual Energy? 

In order to understand spiritual energy, it’s significant to understand its three main elements;

  • Your inner-self generates this spiritual energy, and religious people would name it “soul”
  • Actions that you perform based on your convictions and values would also determine your spiritual energy level
  • Why we do things and our perception of right and wrong are based on the value and beliefs, and they define us. A volunteer person involved in the selfless activity would generate a completely different type of spiritual energy

The energy of spirituality doesn’t always mean that the person would be good. The quality of actions that you perform would determine good or bad. However, criminals doing evil acts are also highly spiritual, but they’re following the negative and evil energy.

Some people call the energy of spirituality a vibration. It follows the conviction that everything in the universe is vibrating and generating energy.

Low Spiritual Energy

The question is what happens when your spiritual energy is low, and then it becomes difficult for you to deal with the challenges and negative events of life. They highly depend on the community and social support network, but it’s not always available. However, people believing in spirituality would turn into higher powers when they face the troubles and difficulties of life.

People with spiritual energy would turn into drug addiction as a refuge when it comes to dealing with the challenges of life. Their addiction recovery is much more difficult than those people who believe in spirituality. According to a study, such lower energetic people are emotionally lost.

As I said, lower spirituality people would rely on the community and social support. The reliance on other human beings would result in the form of desperately looking for a partner because they don’t like being alone. The duration of their relationship would be shorter, and they would keep on changing their partners frequently.

Impact of Spiritual Energy 

The modern workplace environment is following the concept of spirituality because employees refused to work like machines or as a tool. They want their bosses and employers to consider them as human beings, and they don’t like to work in organizations that are involved in unethical activities.

If you’re a spiritually energetic leader, then you should clearly discuss things with your employees the purpose of their job, role, and overall work. If employees are also spiritually energetic people, then they would sacrifice their personal egotistical interest for the bigger purpose and the company’s mission.

Spiritually energetic leaders are empathetic and they’re resilient towards stress. Their management style is innovative and creative and it focuses on team building. Your employees and team members would feel a sense of connectedness.

How to Increase Spiritual Energy 

Let’s discuss how to increase spiritual energy; some of the main tips are as follows;

Reading Books on Spirituality

If you’ve got an interest in spirituality, then you should study some books in order to learn and develop a connection with “higher-self” and your “inner-self.” You can study the sacred books of your belief systems and they would help you to have clarity of mind and thoughts.

Following Rituals

If you want to build up muscles and become strong, then you should exercise and join the gym. Same as if you want to improve the energy of spirituality, then you should practice spiritual rituals regularly. They could be in the form of prayers or meditation for 5 to 10 minutes daily.

Setting Goals

We all set goals and targets for career, profession, job, and business. You should also follow the same principle of setting goals for spiritual energy. First of all, you should study your beliefs and values, and then research some spiritual options relevant to your beliefs. You should ask yourself how they would help you spiritually in terms of becoming a better leader or a good person.

You should visualize and imagine where you want to be a year from now as a spiritual person, and then select the strategy accordingly.

Controlling your Thoughts

You should be mindful of your thoughts, beliefs, and values because they’re a powerful tool for the energy of spirituality. Wonderful ideas and thoughts offer you the road map of your spirituality and inner-self.

Ending Toxic Relationship

If you’re working in a toxic workplace environment and involved in a toxic relationship, then it would drain out all of your energy. If you treat yourself badly, then your spirituality would hit the rock bottom. Unfair practices, dishonesty, and abuse would jeopardize your self-esteem. Therefore, you shouldn’t tolerate such personal and professional conflicts. If they become unbearable, then you should leave them.

Be Good to People

Studies have shown that spiritually influenced people are very kind and humble to their friends, colleagues, and strangers. I can understand that it’s difficult to be kind to such people who have been unkind to you. You should keep in mind your goal is to generate positive vibrations in order to amplify energetic experience in you. If people are behaving rudely, they could be having bad days or going through something in life.

Involve in Charitable Activities

Spirituality means that you should take care of the needs of other people around you. If you have got extra money and resource, then you should share it with such people that are needy and living below the poverty line. It doesn’t mean that you have to visit poor countries; you can poor and needy people in your society.


You can amplify the power of spirituality by performing meditation. It allows you to focus on yourself and the surrounding of your environment where you’re living in. You should be patient because meditation would take some time for you to practice it correctly.

Reflecting on Yourself

There are two main sources of spiritually energetic experience; your inner-self and the higher-self. If you want to grow spiritually, then you should be aware of yourself for personal reflection and take time as much as you need. Therefore, you should connect with your inner-self in order to have positive thoughts and calmness.

Reflecting on yourself is a very good practice in order to recognize your mistakes. You should close your eyes, free your mind, and talk to yourself in a positive way, it would help you to amplify your powers of spirituality.


Prayers don’t have to be conventional religious and they’re your simply earnest wishes. Prayers are a very powerful tool and they’re like the opening door to the powers of spirituality. However, it’s important to mention it here that the more you pray, the more it would help you to grow spiritually and connect with your higher self.

Being Grateful

If you express gratitude for the good things in life, then it would help you to attract more goodness in your life. We take many things for granted in our lives like health, wealth, family, friends, roof, and others. We should be grateful for all of these things in our lives.

While expressing gratitude, you should pay heed to the small things in life like sunrise, sunset, morning, and evening lights. If you find beauty in them, then it would put a smile on your face. You should appreciate and discuss the small wonders and miracles in your life with friends, colleagues, and family members.

Engage in Religious Activities

It doesn’t matter whatever belief system you’re following, you should engage in religious activities and ceremonies for the sake of your spirituality. Organized religious activities would offer you the social support that you need for peace of your mind.

Conclusion: Spiritual Energy – How to Increase it 

After an in-depth study of spiritual energy; its impact, and how to increase it; we’ve realized that a good spiritually energetic experience is essential for your inner peace and personal development. If you’re working on it, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned suggestions in your life.