Spiritual Journey – How to Go & Progress 

The spiritual journey is when you want to know about yourself, your problems and worries in life, and want to make a peace with it. Its purpose is rarely about finding answers rather than asking questions continuously. Today, we’ll discuss how to go on a spiritual journey.

How to Go on a Spiritual Journey 

Let’s discuss the tools and tips on how to go on a spiritual journey are as follows;

I-Setting Spiritual Goals

The journey is yours Alone

The path of spirituality is unique and different for everyone because different people are facing a different sets of challenges and difficulties. Despite the differences, they all follow the same path and tools. However, it’s important to keep in mind that advice from others could be helpful, but no one can tell the direction of your journey and which direction you should go.

Ultimately, you have the utmost responsibility for your path. If any of the steps cause you harm and stress, then you should skip it and find an alternative. If any belief system or its followers don’t make you feel comfortable, then you should follow a different path.

Writing Journal of Feelings & Thoughts

You should start maintaining a record of your expectations, fear, and feelings; because your journey starts now. You should record your thoughts, put down the entries, read them weekly, and analyze any differences and challenges during the week. It’s a very good exercise of maintaining your mindfulness journal that would help you to be aware of the negative thought pattern that is directing your life. Your focus should be on transforming them.

Setting Goals & prioritize them

The path of spirituality helps those who want to leave the old belief system, expand their vision and sense of the world, are anxious about death and the afterlife, and become calm. Since it’s your journey, it would help you to change, heal, or transform whatever you like.

You should focus on whatever interest you the most and make you curious emotionally and intellectually in order to live a healthier and happier life. It’s important to keep in mind that achieving spiritual goals is a work of a lifetime. You should avoid setting a timeline and deadline for them.

Scope of Journey

You should understand and know beforehand whatever you’re looking for like; meditation practice to deal with a faith crisis, long-lasting personal transformation, and help to deal with a single challenge in life. The path of spirituality is a therapy that would require your time, attention, and even change in worldly relationships.

The path of spirituality is a lifelong work and critical part of life and you can’t separate it from life.

II-Spiritual Sources

Following Sacred Text

You should study the sacred text of religious books whatever you’re following, it would help you to find answers and understand the perspective of life. You don’t have to attach yourself to the teachings of religious scriptures, you can comprehend the context of your questions by understanding. The religious scriptures would make you ask questions that you haven’t thought of before, and they’d put you in a new direction.

If you’re studying scholarly research studies along with the sacred text, then you should understand the difference between religious studies and theology. The difference is that theological writing is from the practitioner of the religion, and a religious study is the study of religion from outside.

Spiritual Public Service

You should consult the religious public figure to guide you on the path of spirituality, and the person could be clergy, monk, or imam. They would help you to make a decision and choose the right path. It’s better that you should attend their public service events in order to under understand their views, attitude, and behavior whether it’s in alignment with yours or not.

You can find many famous speakers and writers that talk about the path of spirituality and their views make sense about living in daily life. Many people conduct reading seminars in the community centers. You should check out the discussion, critique, research programs, online podcasts, and radio shows.

You should avoid such activities and public figures that sell something and require your financial support and insist on it because they don’t care about your path of spirituality. If you can afford camping and traveling, then you should do it to expand your horizon with live experiences.

Use Community Support

You can make your path of spirituality lively and joyful by including other people in it, instead of just limiting yourself to the prayers of the monk. You should share your ideas and thoughts with your friends and family members in order to clarify your thoughts. However, you should also attend local seminars and meet up that are discussing such topics whatever you’re pondering. Whether you’re becoming culturally literate, practicing mindfulness meditation, or improving any other skill.

III-Following Spiritual Practices


Meditation is a very good exercise to clear your mind, lower stress, and anxiety, and understand the sense of self. Practicing meditation doesn’t mean that you have to sit on the ground with crossed legs, you can meditate while walking, doing work, driving, and performing other routine chores.


Many religious beliefs consider the body as the temple of spirit, and keeping the maintenance of your temple makes sense. If you perform exercises regularly, then it would develop positive thinking, lower stress, and depression, and amplify mental capabilities. However, living a balanced life comprises exercising and it would improve quality of life and mindfulness. Heavy exercises could be exhausting, but moderate exercising could make you healthy and keep your body in proper shape.

Reflecting Spaces

Quiet reflective spaces would make you think about life and act as a shield towards the troubles, worries, and stress of life. A quiet atmosphere, rhythmic movement, and nature promote groundedness and mindfulness. You should create a comfortable and quiet place in your house, where you can visit daily and leave everything behind, and it would promote spirituality.

Alternative State of Consciousness

Studies have shown that psychoactive plants like marijuana and mushrooms could develop and promote personality acceptance and openness with one-time use. Such plants have an association with 60’s country culture and shamanism, and many pharmaceuticals use them in drugs to relieve stress. You can also use psychoactive plants to promote the impact of spirituality.

The usage and cultivation of such plants are illegal in some of the states of the US, and they have got a bad reputation.

Sacred Places

Sacred religious places have got a great significance because of many factors, and hundreds of thousands of people visit such places throughout the year. Some of them have links with sacred events at a specific time, and people visit and attend such events.

Investigate yourself

You should keep on evaluating your practices and analyze the impact of your thinking. The mindfulness journal is a very important document to track your beliefs, doubts, and finding. You should keep checking your negative thinking, whether it has increased or decreased.

The path of spirituality would help and guide you in many ways, and it won’t be easy at some time. But you can see its results in the form of improved relationships and a sense of compassion.

Conclusion: How to Go on a Spiritual Journey 

After an in-depth study of how to go on a spiritual journey; we’ve realized that path spirituality requires a lot of effort. If you’re working on the path, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned guidelines.