Spiritual Love – Power to Change your Life

As they say “we’re spiritual being in the human form and having the spiritual experience.” It’s a very powerful quotation because spirituality is all about enlightenment and awareness. However, spirituality is the realization that you’re alone in this universe, there’s something bigger than us and we’re part of it. Today, we’ll discuss spiritual love, and its power to change our lives.

When you believe in something bigger, then it could be the universe, nature, energy, deity, or something else. The reality is that it doesn’t really matter whatever that big is. Here, the important thing is to believe in spiritual life and look for spiritual love.

What is Spiritual Love? 

Spiritual love is the unconditional love that comes from both heart and mind. We confuse various things about our thoughts with what’s in our hearts as intellectual beings. However, the 12 inches distance between heart and mind is the greatest distance. You should accept the fact that your attitude should be caring, loving, and acting in a way that two things are completely different. It’s because the world judges your actions, not your thoughts and intentions.

Shifting from Head to Heart

In order to shift your perspective from head to heart, first, you should understand yourself, learn empathy and love. Only then you would be able to identify and share your feelings towards others. For instance, try to explain how the skin of a child feels like against your cheeks if you haven’t experienced it by yourself. The point is that there are things that you can’t express if you haven’t experienced them by yourself.

When it comes to accepting and loving others unconditionally, then first you should start it by yourself. If you have cultivated spiritual love in yourself, then it would come naturally to others. If you have a deeper level of self-love and self-acceptance, then you would require less external love for validation. Once your need for external love and validation decline, then it would cut down your self-esteem, ego, and ability to judge others. It would amplify your capability to love others.

Let go of Judgment

If you want peace in yourself, then you should let go of judgment of yourself and others. When it comes to suspending judgment from your life, then it’s not easy and requires a lot of conscious effort. You have to make peace with yourself of the things that you don’t like about yourself and are not proud of.

For instance, your egotistical mind tells you that you’re a big person, and your heart tells you that you’re a failure and don’t deserve love. You have to work yourself in terms emotionally and spiritually.

Relationship without Spiritual Connection 

Spirituality allows you to connect with something that is bigger. It’s the process of practicing purpose and peace, and it focuses on questions like living the best possible life and finding fulfillment. However, when it comes to connecting with you; some people turn to art or nature, and others turn to religion. Spirituality plays a significant role in various areas of our lives, especially our relationships.

Lack of spirituality in your life could jeopardize your relationships, because you don’t know yourself and what you’re looking for in your life. If you don’t know your life goals and objectives, then you’ll choose a partner that may not align or support your destination.

For instance, you’re working on an entrepreneurship community project of connecting and helping other people out. You choose such a partner who doesn’t share your interests and vision, and then it would create conflicts. Ultimately, your relationship would suffer negative growth and breakdown of communication.

Power of Spiritual Love to Change your Life 

Spiritual love has the power to change your life in the following ways;

  • Developing relationships based on true love and respect
  • Hatred and resentment would fade away because you have got the limited expectation of yourself and others
  • Discover the fact that you need fewer material things to be happy
  • The world would be a peaceful place if you don’t pay heed to things around you
  • As you develop a selfless attitude, you’ll find the reward of peace and happiness
  • People would be attracted towards you
  • You’ll attract abundance in various areas of life and won’t know what is missing in your life
  • Better and sound sleep
  • You know people in your life and how much they’re valuable to you
  • Observe things in nature and people that you haven’t thought of before
  • You’ll fill your heart with thankfulness and gratitude rather than with loneliness and fear
  • Realize the fact that everyone is doing their best they can at any given moment in time
  • Be happy for the happiness of others rather than getting envious
  • Seeing past as your asset to learn from
  • Realize that having few things in life is hard, but difficult sometimes
  • Every moment in life has a great potential for happiness
  • Making love as your favorite action and word
  • Healthy living and exercising become your hobby for growth and love
  • You’ll pay heed to what you truly want in life
  • Food would taste better because of the good mindset
  • Won’t be alone
  • Have a feeling that your life is on a great path

Conclusion: Spiritual Love – Power to Change your Life 

After an in-depth study of spiritual love, its connection with relationships, and its power to change your life; we’ve realized that spirituality has a great influence on your life. If your relationships have got this element in your life, then it would make your life more joyful and fruitful.