Stages of a Breakup for a Guy – Top 11

Every breakup is different and unique in its own way and the process of breaking up is different for different people and for different reasons. Breakup is a very painful experience and it hits you hard and puts you in a very dejected state of mind. Today, we’ll discuss the top 11 stages of a breakup for a guy.

Stages of a Breakup for a Guy – Top 11

Some of the top 11 stages of a breakup for a guy are as follows;

Shocked & Surprised

A breakup is a very difficult and painful experience. When it happens, it would shock and surprise you with the ending of the relationship. Saying goodbye and then breaking up shake you up over the fact that you won’t see each other anymore. The guy won’t think that it really is over when it actually is, and it may take him a few days to realize it and sink it.

Rejecting It

After going through a shocking and surprising phase, next, it is difficult for him to accept the fact that why it happened and how it happened. He is still thinking about the reconciliation of the relationship and you’ll get back together soon. However, he has thoughts that you broke up because you were busy and not listening to him or some other reasons in order to console his mind. The reason his mind comes up with all such reasons is to deny the fact that the breakup has happened.

Angry & Frustrated

You would feel anger and frustration when someone has been taken away from you that you badly want in your life. It doesn’t matter how confident and bold a man is, and you would observe a significant difference in their personality before and after the breakup. Breaking up with the woman you passionately is like walking on fire, and it leaves rage and firing emotions regardless of the reasons why things never worked out. Love can be anything but rational.

Upset and Disappointed

After denial and angry emotions, the next feelings of disappointment and dejection would take over your mind. It is a type of blind disappointment place that wants you back and sucks you into it. However, life doesn’t work out the way you want it to. If you are back together, then things would go as planned the way you want them.

Self Isolation

The guy would start spending time away from friends and social circles during the phases of disappointment and dejection. It is the self-isolation stage when their social media posts go disappeared and their communication with their friends and family members decreases to nothing. Very few guys would discuss things with their close friends, but most of them are overthinking it in their minds, walking back, and trying to fix it in their minds.


Bargaining is the stage when the guy approaches her, requests her and her friends to come back and that he would like her posts, and bump into her on the road. Her refusal to get back with him would make him accept the fact that the breakup is real. Usually, it happens within a few weeks of the breakup, and the timing varies from person to person. Bargaining and getting your love back in your life is a natural instinctive response.


When a bargaining chip doesn’t work, some guys would go chasing. The process and activity of chasing are different for different people like sending seductive and jealous posting, jokes, calling, texting, mind games, pressuring, gifting, pleading, and sending love messages. He would show up in places where you had the first meeting and engaged in order to start the conversation.


In order to block and avoid the pain of a breakup, some guys would turn to rebound sex or a rebound relationship. Rebounding is a process of replacing your beloved person with someone else and taking solace in the arms of strangers. Sometimes, rebounding turns into a long-term relationship and it would complicate things if you love someone else.

Becoming Sad

If bargaining and chasing don’t work out and lower your pain, then self-isolation, sadness, and dejected would again take over his mind. It is like a bad fever that doesn’t cool down, and your state of mind would make your friends and family members worried about you. You would have the mindset that there is nothing you can do in your life and things would always be this way. He has to accept the fact that there are things that he can’t control.


In the previous stages, you have tried everything like surprising, rejecting, feeling saddened and disappointed, bargaining, chasing, and rebounding. Now, you have got no other choice but to accept the fact that it is over. When you accept the fact that the relationship is over, then the pain won’t go away but it would start making sense to you.


Nostalgia is the aftermath stage of the breakup. As they say, if a guy really loves you, then he won’t forget you. Various things, places, smells, and tastes would bring back memories of your beloved person now and then. The nostalgic feelings would always be there and you would feel them from time to time.

Conclusion: Stages of a Breakup for a Guy – Top 11

After an in-depth study of the top 11 stages of a breakup for a guy; we have realized that getting over your breakup is a very difficult process. If you are learning about the various stages of the breakup, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned stages.