Stages of a Relationship For a Man – Top 10

Falling in love and building a healthy bond and relationship is different for different people. Some are quick and others are hesitant to reach the “I love you stage.” However, the focus of men is on physical appearance, and women focus on the personality and character of their potential partner. Today, we’ll discuss the top 10 stages of a relationship for a man.

Stages of a Relationship For a Man – Top 10

Some of the top 10 stages of a relationship for a man are as follows;

Appearance & Flirting

It is when the appearance of the woman attracts the attention of the man, and their physical looks catch men’s attention. He doesn’t know her name, but he would spot her in the crowd and remember her looks and appearance. He would try to make eye contact and smile at her in order to get her attention. However, he hasn’t fallen in love yet, but the excitement has started at this stage.

Flirtations are a back-and-forth dance where the potential partners (man and woman) enjoy playing with each other. He would smile at her and laugh at her jokes and they would develop their love language with secrete playful signs. The tension between them creates feelings of curiosity and suspense.

Thinking & Considering

Thinking and considering is the stage when he thinks of dating her and going out with her. Here, he would consider her a potential partner for building and establishing a relationship, much more than just a flirting woman. Settling down with one woman can be intimating for some men, and the other would jump to the stage of marriage and having kids without wasting any more time. The married guys are just romantic, he doesn’t know what their future would look like, but he is open to all possibilities.

Making The First Move

Once he realizes that he has got a chance and possible future with the particular girl, then he would start approaching her and making moves towards her. This stage also comprises flirting, but here flirtation doesn’t have jokes and he would like to talk and get to know her. Speaking of getting to know each other; dating is the most appropriate option, and he asks her out.

In order to get to know each other better, they would go on a series of dates with her. It all depends on the first and following dates and how they are going, and he would start falling in love with her over time.

Winning Her Love

When he realizes and acknowledges her love feelings for her, next he wants her love and affection back. In order to win her love and affection back, he offers her gifts, surprise gifts, and other things that she loves. He would get the idea about her likeness and dislikeness based on the initial few dates, and it could be like a ticket to the movie, a game, and a trip to her favorite place. For instance, if you learn that she loves chocolate shakes, then you should surprise her with a chocolate shake drink.


If she is enjoying all the gifts that he offers her, a time comes when he would reconsider all of the questions that he had before. They are as follows;

  • Clarity of his love whether she is the one or not
  • Right for him to go after her and be with her
  • Receives confirmations from his friends and beer buddies about her
  • Men are dead serious at this stage
  • Having the potential to be with you for a long time
  • Worth to have a relationship with such a girl

When he has the answer to such questions, then his love for her becomes clearer.


After reconsidering and reflecting on his thoughts and feelings about the girl, he would restart approaching her and going out on dates with her but with more enthusiasm and confidence. He is feeling confident and sure about his relationship with her. He has reached a point where he hasn’t admitted to himself or to his friends and close ones, but he is very close to saying “I love you” to her. Other people would call him crazy just to win her love and affection.


A point comes when his love reaches the stage of the test and the tests are different for different people. For instance, he catches her hanging out with a particular person that he doesn’t like, and he has to decide whether he should choose her or not. He has got mixed feelings of frustration, confusion, and anger. He is aware of the fact that things won’t impact them if he doesn’t care about her, but he does.


It is a stage where he would again question himself whether this is the right woman worth fighting for. He gathers the energy and strength within himself that she is in love with the right person in order to reassure his love for himself. However, what energizes him more and rekindles his love is that she loves him too and it is not the one-sided love that he has been doing.


Once he realizes the fact that she loves him too, then it boosts his morale and improves his motivation level. After receiving confirmation from her love, he feels like the happiest person on earth and has got the feeling of flying in the air. He has passed the stage of winning her back, and now he wants to become a happy couple.

Commitment & Union

Finally, he asks her for marriage in order to establish a committed relationship as a couple and partners. They have moved passed the stage of girlfriend and boyfriend, and now they should become husband and wife. The purpose of building a committed relationship is not only to clarify to each other but also to inform everyone else that you both are involved in the committed relationship.

Conclusion: Stages of a Relationship For a Man – Top 10

After an in-depth study of the top stages of a relationship for a man; we have realized that building a healthy relationship takes time and commitment. If you are learning about the various stages of a relationship that a man goes through, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned guidelines.