Talking to Friend About Relationship Problems – Avoid Sharing 

It may seem like a simple question, but its answer is yes and no. It means that there are things that you can share and can’t share with your friends. It would be a violation of your commitment to your partner that you have a very deep and intimate connection. On the other hand, you don’t have any commitment to sharing your personal life problem with them, you do it by your choice. Today, we’ll discuss avoiding sharing things while talking to friend about relationship problems.

Avoid Sharing While Talking to Friend About Relationship Problems 

Some of the things that you should avoid sharing while talking to friend about relationship problems, and they’re as follows;

Confided Secrete

If your partner has confided a very deep and intimate secrete with you and they told you not to share it with anyone. They have shared it with you by showing and putting the utmost trust and confidence in you. If you disclose such secrete, then it would have a very bad impact on your relationship because your partner would feel victimized and embarrassed. However, it is your responsibility to honor the trust that your partner has bestowed upon you.

Mistakes of Bedroom

When partners are intimate, they trust each other with full confidence, and sometimes it results in the form of mistakes and blunders in the bedroom. If something has happened in the bedroom that they don’t want anyone to know, it could embarrass them publically. In such cases, you should keep it to yourself and respect their privacy, because you don’t have the right to break their privacy without their permission.

Won’t Remain Secret

It doesn’t matter how close friends you are with your buddies and girls, but you should truly avoid telling them about personal relationship things. Especially, it becomes difficult when your friend is pouring a glass of wine, they’re sharing their secrets, and you can’t resist keeping them to yourself. Once it is out, the next thing you would know is that it is all over the town.

Not Your Story

If your partner has gone through some type of childhood trauma and other types of experiences in their life, and they’re struggling with it. In such a case, you should keep in mind that it is their story to tell and not yours to tell your friends. If you want the advice and suggestion of a friend on your partner’s problems, then it is important that you should ask their permission first. Once you have the consent of your partner, then you can share it with your friends to get their feedback.

Arguments When Furious

No relationship is perfect; conflicts, disagreements, and verbal fights are bound to happen in every relationship. Couples and partners exchange a lot of bad words and comment out of anger, but it doesn’t mean that you have to take it to your friends. However, if you tell them about the arguments and comments of your partner, then you are presenting a very bad image of your partner among your social circle.

Fights With Your Friends

If you have got a very good friend and he is a kind of keeper; but your partner is not a great fan of your friend. In such cases, you should avoid sharing things about your partner, it would hurt the feelings of your partner. It would possibly develop resentment between your partner and friend. When your friend comes over to your place, then it would create a lot of awkward moments.

Their Previous History

If you and your partner are going through a rough patch and have got conflicts and disagreements. In such a scenario, if you share the previous history of your partner like their breakup, their overall relationship, and how things were. After listening to your side of the story about your partner, your friend may say something that would further jeopardize your relationship with your partner.

Undiscussed Things

If you got some issues with your partner that you want them to resolve for you, then it is better if you discuss them with them directly. It is highly inappropriate if you discuss her problems with everyone else except herself, it means you’re embarrassing her. You have to resolve it like couples and partners, rather than in a group discussion.

Separation Plan

Your relationship problems are persistent and the idea of breakup and separation is circulating in your mind. Before discussing it with anyone about your ideas, first, your partner deserves to know what you want and your thoughts. It may be a temporary space, but it is significant that you should discuss it with your partner.

Small Problems of Routine Life

Every time you and your partner have got a problem or disagreement, you directly take it to your friends and discuss it with them to earn their sympathy. It would send the impression to your partner that you don’t trust them enough, and you trust your friends more. It amplifies the tension and gap between you and your partner.

Conclusion: Talking to Friend About Relationship Problems – Avoid Sharing 

After an in-depth study of avoiding sharing while talking to friends about relationship problems; we have realized that dealing with relationship issues requires a lot of patience and commitment. You should find a balance between what to share between your friends and your partner, and avoid betraying the trust of your partner.