Things to Know Before Hooking Up – Tips 

It may seem like a scene in a romantic comedy movie where you feel excited and nervous about your hook-up. It is a completely normal and natural reaction and response because not everyone is confident and bold. Nervousness could happen due to the insecurities issues like comparing yourself with your partner, body image issues, and sexual performance. Today, we’ll discuss top tips about things to know before hooking up with someone.

Things to Know Before Hooking Up – Tips 

Some of the top tips about things to know before hooking up with someone are as follows;

Share Your Likes & Dislikes

When you’re going to hook up, then you should speak up your mind in terms of what you like and dislike during sexual intercourse. You should be honest, take a pause, wait for their response, and then keep talking about your wishes for physical intimacy. If you feel awkward and hesitant to talk about these things, then you should keep in mind that discussing these things would make sure that both of you are enjoying the physical intimacy.  

Talk During Intercourse

When it comes to sharing your thoughts about your physical intimacy, it is tricky to do so. Various thoughts run around in their mind. For instance, if something pops into your mind before and during the physical intimacy that you think is worth sharing, then you should definitely speak up.

It is because sexual intercourse is supposed to be a pleasurable experience and activity, and both partners enjoy it. If something is making you feel uncomfortable, then you should speak up, so that both of you would have a better experience.

Clear Mindset & Expectation

If you have got interested in your partner and you want more than just a hookup; then you should clear the space and let him or her know that you also want a relationship. It doesn’t mean that you have to discuss all the details of the relationship, a quick hint would be sufficient. You can say that we’re having a one-time fun experience or something long-term.

Don’t Focus On Being Good

A good hookup means that you should have a fun experience, instead of overly focusing on doing good in the bed. Of course, good in the bed is a part of hook-up, but it is not everything. For instance, if you have the right chemistry, then everything would automatically become good. If something feels off and you don’t feel good, then you should take a break. If you don’t know which position to try, then don’t become nervous and fearful because it happens to everyone.

Don’t Do It If You’re Uncomfortable

People find it difficult to know when they’re feeling comfortable or not. They also find it difficult to say “no” when they’re not feeling comfortable. In such cases, you should set clear boundaries in terms of how you feel comfortable, and the off-limits things. It is an ongoing learning process; things to do and things to avoid. If you have got strict rules, then you should avoid compromising on them for anyone.

Focus On Your Needs

A hook-up doesn’t mean that you have to make your partner feel happy and avoid your own feelings. You have to find a balance between what you and your partner want. If you forget about a few things, then you would perform better next time.

It’s Not Something New

You don’t have to make it a sex education class, where you teach your partner what’s what and the new positions. A hookup simply going out, having fun, doing things that feel comfortable, and wherever it leads. However, if you and your partner want to do something new and fun, then go for it and don’t feel pressured.

Confide With Trusted Friend

For the sake of your safety and security, you should always confide in a trusted friend. You should let them know who you’re hooking up with, their picture, and the meeting place. After reaching back home safely, you should let them know that everything worked out well. It is better to try out the iSurvive application that would secretly send your location to your friends.

Low Confidence

Making a successful hookup possible is easier said than done. You should motivate yourself that everything is going to be fine. Give yourself a compliment about your looks, and dress, and think about the good times when you did something well.

Don’t Forget the Protection

The most important thing is your safety and health. It doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl, you always use protection and take a condom with you when you’re going for a hook-up. You should check it with your doctor after the hook-up if you forgot to use the protection.

Know What You Want

After the hookup, you shouldn’t simply forget the whole process and experience. You should process your feelings like how you liked the partner, chat with the person, and whether you would like to do it again or not. It is possible that a one-time hook-up could become a long-term serious and committed relationship. Processing your feelings would help you to know how you can perform better next time.

Conclusion: Things to Know Before Hooking Up – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips about things to know before hooking up; we have realized that carrying out a successful one comprises of many small things. If you’re planning to do it, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.