Top Ten Signs of Lust in Men

 Love and lust are two very powerful emotions. When you’re in a new relationship, then it’s difficult to tell whether it’s a loving or a lustful relationship. Usually, people mix them up earlier when they start going out. You can tell the differences if you pay heed to the details. Today, we’ll discuss the top ten signs of lust in men.

When you’re in a loving relationship, then you would also have lustful feelings towards your partner. You would like to connect with your partner at a deeper level in a loving relationship, and the focus of lust is to be only physically closer to your partner.

Signs of Lust in Men 

Let’s discuss some of the top ten signs of lust in men, and they’re as follows;

Same Point of Every Conversation

Whenever you talk to him, then the focus of his conversation is always on the bedroom and adult jokes. It shows his interest and what he has in his mind all the mind. He wouldn’t like to engage in a deeper level conversation, where you have to open up and share your vulnerabilities.

In other words, he would keep things non-serious and causal. The whole scenario would be difficult for you to go through because it’s an immature way of thinking. All he wants to talk about is the physical intercourse and bedroom, and that’s it.

He Gets What He Wants

If you’re dating and going out, then it makes you feel like he’s always getting what he wants and his only interest in one thing. Your feelings, needs, and wishes keep on being left out and ignored. You should ask him some difficult questions while dating. If he’s only interested in one thing and bedroom, then tell him can go and find it from somewhere else.

The serious man would show commitment and like to connect with you at a deeper level, and he would find you interesting. The connection he has with you, he couldn’t find it anywhere else.

Irresolvable Arguments

He has nothing to lose and would say anything whatever because he hasn’t invested anything in the relationship, it means that the relationship is lustful. The partners would keep on avoiding arguments because he doesn’t like to engage in serious conversation.

On the other hand, loving partners find the arguments a catalyst to have a deeper level of conversation. Arguments and conflicts pull couples away in a lustful and infatuated relationship. If he isn’t resolving the conflicts and arguments and listening to you, then it means that he doesn’t care about you or the relationship.

Controlling Your Time

When you’re in a loving relationship, then you wouldn’t pay heed to the small things. You trust your partner when he goes outside. However, infatuation and lusting relationships would control everything in the relationship.

Love means understanding and accepting the individuality and independence of your partner and realizing the fact she/he won’t be 100% relevant to your vision and standards. Controlling freaks don’t care about what is good for you, their focus on them.

Surrounded by Women

When a person has not had a committed relationship with you and only lusting after you, then it means that he would be lusting after other girls as well. If you want to have an exclusive relationship, then you should check out your man’s attitude when you aren’t around.

If his social circle comprises a lot of other girls, then you aren’t exclusive and you’re just another. The reason for surrounding himself with so many girls is because he likes a challenge and wants to conquer them all. However, if he wants a committed relationship with one girl, then he has to break ties with others.

Acting Mysterious

It’s never been a good sign if a man is keeping things secrete. The only reason he would stay is when he’s open and shares everything. It wouldn’t be just his words and he proclaims it. You can see it with his attitude and behavior, the way he talks and uses the phone. He won’t hide his contact list, gallery, or social media accounts.

Not Texting You Back

He won’t answer your calls and text messages when you want to talk to him, and then he calls or texts you at 10 or 11 PM all of a sudden. The only reply you get from him after hours of your missed call or text is that he was busy. You won’t believe it because it happens every time.

We all have smartphones with us all the time, and we keep checking them now and then. No one is that busy that he won’t answer your text for hours. However, if a person is really interested in you, then he would reply to you as soon as he sees your message. You can’t reach out to him when you aren’t in the bedroom.

Not Seeing Any Light

It’s important to mention it here every love relationships start with lust. You can’t get enough of each other at the beginning of the relationship. In a lustful relationship, he doesn’t talk to you or try to know you when he doesn’t have a physical craving for lust. Loving partners give each time by talking or watching a movie together or cuddling.

Moves Fast

The relationship is lustful if he is becoming physically very fast in an instant, and there’s no harm in it. When you give each other a time and get to know the intentions that what you’re expecting. The lustful man won’t stay long if he doesn’t get what he wants. It’s because love takes time and evolves gradually, and goes through various stages.

Spending Time at Home

When you’re in a loving relationship, then he plans to do things with you collectively and in a team. Lustful men only do one thing in the bedroom together with you and you may enjoy it, but no other collective activity together. You wouldn’t know his friends and people in his social circle and what he does. He only wants to have fun with you only at one place, and the other time he’s busy.

Conclusion: Top Ten Signs of Lust in Men 

After an in-depth study of top-ten signs of lust in men, we’ve realized that lustful desire is a very emotion in every relationship. But it’s important to know the status of your relationship whether it’s lustful or loving when you have one.