Twin Flame Journey – Stages 

The twin flame is such a love connection that no other love connection could reach its level. Anyone that makes you feel at home and shares your soul, it’s the purest form of love. The twin flame lovers have to go through various stages and struggle in developing the relationship. Today, we’ll discuss the twin flame journey, its various stages, and twin flame union.

Twin Flame Journey – Stages 

Some of the main stages in the twin flame journey are as follows;

Yearning for the One

The twin flame journey starts with desiring for the one. Perhaps you would have experienced while growing up that something is missing in your life. You desire a perfect love in its purest form in terms of caring, understanding, and deep love, and that special person would make a difference in your life.

Every soul has an inborn desire for the twin flame partner, even though they aren’t familiar with the concept or heard about it. When they grow up and get involved in various types of relationships, then they start idealizing true love and becoming one with the twin flame. It’s possible that they won’t define their desire and feel what they’re looking for. However, they’re looking for the energy that feels right and completes them.

Finding the One

Once you acknowledge the need for love, and then you would start looking for the perfect partner. In order to meet your twin flame partner, you should be ready to transform and that’s why people jump from one relationship to another in the quest for the one. Before meeting the perfect partner, they experience ups and downs and a series of changes in their life, and their experiences lead them to meet their twin soul.

It’s a preparation stage and you would feel concerned and empty like a part of you is missing and you can’t find it. It’s a necessary part of the process, the challenges twins’ soul partners experience separately would bring them closer to each other and meet.

Dark Night of the Soul

You would lose hope when your efforts of finding true love are failed by facing troubles and hardships, then you question not only yourself but also the love. Bad relationships and incompatibility issues make you feel lost and you’d feel exhausted to work things out. When you’re feeling hopeless, confused, blaming yourself, and disappointed in love; and then you’d experience the dark night.

It’s highly uncommon that the twins’ lovers would be hopeless after experiencing the karmic love. The first step of transformation into the future is breaking the chain from the past. A person should go through the experience of the dark night, it’s the necessary step that prepares them for the storm.

Ascension and Shifting to Consciousness

The meeting of twins’ flames is an intense emotional connection and experience. In order to develop such a connection, the lovers that have faced the dark night soul experience must shift their consciousness. The ascension into the higher state of consciousness and awakening is a highly energetic experience like a rebirth.

You would reconnect with the higher true self and break the chain of the past and perceive the world differently. It’s the first transformation step that you have to experience when you meet your twin flames. You should do the spiritual homework first in order to meet your twin flames. The shift in perspective, illumination, and awakening are the clear signs that the union with the twins’ flames is near.

Twin Flame Awakening

Once your twins’ soul lover comes across your path, then you would immediately know that he or she is the one. You twins would enter into your life when you’re ready for transformation or have gone through it. Instinctively, you would know that you’ve found the missing part of your life. You would instantly identify your twin flames, and it would make you feel alright.

The recognition and feeling of the vibes and energy are mutual, and the awakening won’t impact both partners the same and one of them is going through the awakening stage.

Twin flame journey

Falling in Love

After the recognition, things would start naturally and quickly flowing in your life at the pace that you’ve experienced before. You would experience a great attraction towards your twins’ partner and want to know everything about them. The attraction pull and binding force are so powerful and intense that the relationship would start unfolding immediately. The signs of love between twins’ partners are apparent, and both lovers have a great attraction towards each other.


Every interaction and communication among twins flames lovers are highly intense emotional connections. The more you get close to your twins’ partner, the more you see the hidden parts of you in your twins’ flames. You won’t accept those things, and it would result in the form of a fight.

It happens due to the soul mirror trait. When you see the less acceptable, not dreamy, and not the pretty side of your twins’ flames, then you would see the dark side of the perfect love. It’s not a pleasant experience comprising of repulsion and strong attraction towards each other. However, you’re in a state of standing at two extremes, acceptance and rejection.

Runner & Chaser

The intensity of emotions in the twins’ flames relationship would develop a strong urge to run away from your emotions due to duality. On one side, you’ve got a great growth potential that could play a major role in your life. On the other side, everything that you’ve kept in your comfort zone would come to light.

Going through the rapid changes in such duality of emotions, one of the partners would have a strong urge to run away from the twins’ flames relationship, and the other keeps on chasing. The runner is the person who is reluctant to accept the change and transform because they’re scared of the outcomes and intense emotions. However, the runner and chasing process could go on for months or years depending on they perceive it and their readiness to transform and change.


The running and chasing phase is a period of separation, it presents both challenges and benefits. Both twins’ partners would go through this state, and their experiences are different. The chaser is the person that is spiritually awakened, and the runner isn’t familiar with the concept of twins’ flames. However, the phase of separation isn’t easy and twins flames go through a process of healing.

When the separation phase is over, then they would be willing to accept the change and the other twins’ flames partner. Most importantly, how both partners use the period of separation and work on each other. If they don’t use it wisely and don’t work on their ego and impatience, then it amplifies the separation period.

Vibrational Alignment

The twins’ flames lovers would eventually stop running away from each other. Some people stay at the previous phase and don’t experience the full potential of twins flames reunion. Many partners that are ready to grow, amplify their vibrations. Here they accept the mirror traits of the other partner and open the wounds that you haven’t opened before.

Twin Flame Union

Twin flame union is the final stage when the lovers have transcended and awakened from all the previous stages. It happens when they embrace each other and completely surrender to the union. However, when twins flames partners get back together, they don’t necessarily complete each other, but they become whole individually in themselves.

Conclusion: Twin Flame Journey – Stages 

After an in-depth study of the twin flame journey and its various stages, we’ve realized that the journey isn’t an easy process. When lovers accept the differences and acknowledge the completing factors, then they would surrender to each other and themselves personally.