Types of Friends You Should Avoid – Top 10

When we were younger, the basic idea of friendship is to find a common interest, mutual likeness, gossip, and chat about things. We used to love to surround ourselves with charming, beautiful, and popular kids to validate our position. True friends are lifelong assets to you and you feel happy accompanying them. Some friends would always put you in trouble. Today, we’ll discuss the top 10 types of friends you should avoid.

Types of Friends You Should Avoid – Top 10

Some of the main types of friends that you should avoid are as follows;

Draining Your Energy

They are a type of friends that are like energy vampires that would drain your energy and make you feel bad. Whenever you get together with them, the focus of the discussion is always their complaints and problems. However, they dump their emotional issues on you in order to make themselves feel better.

After accompanying those energy-sucking vampires like friends, you have got no energy left in you. If you accompany such people over a period of time, then you won’t have the energy left in you to give to the people that need your love and attention.

Keeping Scores

They are the type of friends that are always calculating and maintaining scores with you like you did this and I did that. If you don’t keep up with their scores, then they would hate you for it. However, you always feel tense and fearful of getting short of their scores. They have created such a mechanism and technique that no one gets ahead of them. When you have to keep up with the scores, then you don’t feel friendly vibes and energy.

Go Vanished

They are the type of friends that are like BFFs (best friends forever) and they are your wingman in the social circle only when they are free and have got no one else. As soon as they enter into the relationship or find someone else, they give you no importance and no priority at all. However, they would come to you weeping and crying once they become free, break up, or their partner leaves them.

As long as you remain friends with them or be with them, the same cycle of vanishing abruptly for no reason and then coming back to you would keep on happening. I completely understand that you have got limited time when are in a relationship, but it doesn’t mean that you should avoid your friends.


As the name implies, they’re the type of people and friends that are needy and always scrounging things from you. If you are a giver and generous person by nature, then they won’t have any limit on taking things from you. After some time, they won’t even recognize that they are taking things from you, it would become the casual norm for them. However, if you remain friends with them over time, then they leave you when you have got nothing.

Remaining Star

They are the type of people and friends that want to be the star of every interaction, friends gathering, and all the time. They want the spotlight focused on them all the time. However, they love to talk about their problems and their life; when it comes to your turn to share your side of the story, they would interrupt you and take the discussion back to them. This type of behavior is intentional, but they can’t help focusing their attention back on them all the time.

Drama Queen

They are the type of friends that you always fight with and remain in a state of disagreement and conflict with them. They have the nature and attitude of turning small things into big fuss and fighting you over it. In short, if they are always unhappy about something and they have someone to blame, then why not you because you are their friend?


They are the type of people that remain children throughout their life, and they never learn how to deal with their emotions and their friends have to pay for it. For instance, they employ various coping techniques to deal with their conflicts and disagreement like passive aggression and lashing out at others.

I know no one is perfect in dealing with their emotions and feelings in the best possible way. But there comes a time in your life when you need to take a responsibility for your actions and behavior; you don’t have to become a child every time.


There are a number of friends and people who value and enjoy your time and they would show commitment. However, you should avoid such people that are very close in making and fulfilling commitments. It is completely understandable for those people that are going through some difficult times and can’t make any commitment. In fact, I’m referring to those people that always don’t value your time without any reason, and they don’t care for it.

Guilt Tripper

They are the type of friends that always have very high expectations of you, if you don’t meet their expectations, then they would become angry and furious. The focus of expectations is always about them, and you always have to come second. However, the focus of children is on friends and staying in a particular social circle.

When we grow up, then we need to take responsibility for various things and prioritize them. You aren’t alone, you have a family to take care of, and a job and career. In such a case, friends should understand these things and support them without taking any guilt trip.

Hate You

There are some friends that don’t like you in reality and they don’t want the best things for you, but they put on a happy face for you to show off. They would attract your attention through their compliments and eagerness, but they keep up scores strategically. You should be careful of such types of friends or people because they’re very toxic to you. If your intuition tells you not to trust someone, then you should follow your intuition.

Conclusion: Types of Friends You Should Avoid – Top 10

After an in-depth study of the top 10 types of friends, you should avoid; we have realized that finding a loyal friend is a difficult task. If you’re making friends at any point in your life, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned types.