Validating Your Relationship on Facebook – Not Needed 

Perhaps you would have noticed that many people are posting their relationship pictures on social media in order to receive validation from others in the form of comments, likes, and shares. In the world of social media and Facebook, emojis have taken the place of emotions and gestures, text messages replaced letters, The reality is that Facebook and social media don’t define the success of your relationship. Today, we’ll discuss the top reasons “why validating your relationship on Facebook not needed.”

Validating Your Relationship on Facebook – Not Needed 

Some of the top reasons why validating your relationship on Facebook is not good are as follows;

Don’t Have to Prove Anything

Whether you are feeling happy or not; you don’t have to stress out about sharing your relationship status and partner detail with the world. The peer and competitive social media pressure compel you to show the world that your relationship is the most ideal and perfect ever; they avoid the real underlying problems. On the other hand, happy couples and partners don’t share the details of their joyful moments with the world, and they remain content with each other.

Just a Show Off

Some couples and partners just show off, and they falsely portray the happiness of their current and existing relationship to make their ex feel jealous. It is significant to keep in mind the false happy relationship factors because many people do so to make their ex feel jealous. Therefore, your focus should be on the small moments of your own relationship rather than aspiring for something that is not real.

Talk in Real Life

The pictures and videos you see on Facebook about happy couples and partners may or may not be true. Often, people portray their relationships as the happiest ever which is far from the truth in reality. However, when their followers set their standards based on their ideals that are fake in reality, and their focus is on meeting the criteria of their ideals. Instead, they should clearly communicate with each other, and acquire approval from their partners.

Could be a Distraction

Happy and successful couples follow the concept of living in the moment and they set their own standards and protocols. They learn from their mistakes and consistently work for the improvement o their relationship. However, such happy couples are busy in their lives that they completely avoid social media, because Facebook and other social media platforms are a great distraction for them. They make an intentional effort to not look at such pictures and videos that are far from reality, and they don’t dream about them resultantly.

Distract Partners

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are highly addictive, and they consume a lot of your time. Instead of spending your time scrolling up and down on your phone, it is better to engage in real-life discussions and conversations with your partner. However, couples that aren’t active on Facebook, spend a lot of quality time with each other.

Fewer People Know is Better

Let’s say you are active on Facebook and other social media platforms about your relationship and consistently posting pictures and videos. You have to delete all of those intimate pictures and videos from your social media and other channels, and sometimes you can’t because others have saved them. In such a case, they become a consistent source of embarrassment for you that you can’t avoid. Therefore, it is significant that the fewer people who know about your personal life and relationship, the better it is.

Post When Bored

As I mentioned earlier that successful couples spend a lot of offline because they are enjoying each other’s company rather than counting their likes and shares. When couples and partners don’t have anything to do and are bored in their lives, they would spend all of their time on social media and Facebook. However, their only source of pleasure and happiness is Facebook and social and falsely telling the world how great their life which is not in reality.

Insecurity Sign

Recent research studies have shown that people that are overly active on social media and Facebook about their relationship, it shows their relationship insecurity. It means that they don’t believe in their partner or the relationship, they constantly talk about their relationship on social to receive validation from others to make themselves feel better.

Be Honest If Going Online

If you want to talk about your relationship on social media with your online friends; then you have to be honest about your feelings, emotions, and the exact state of your relationship. When you are open and honest about the true state of your relationship, then people could easily relate to it, and you don’t have to hide or explain anything at any time. However, you can’t be 100% open and honest about your feelings, your personal biases would always take over your mind.

Conclusion: Validating Your Relationship on Facebook – Not Needed 

After an in-depth study of the top reasons about “validating your relationship on Facebook not needed;” we have realized that overly sharing your relationship online is not a good sign. If you are wondering whether validating your relationship on Facebook is good or not, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.