What are Spiritual Goals? How to Set 

A person can set various types of goals and objectives, but the most important allows a person to grow spiritually. When we talk about growth, then it requires proper planning and action. The spiritual goals allow us to connect with our faith and beliefs. Today, we’ll discuss what are spiritual goals; and how to set them.

What is a Spiritual Goal? 

Spiritual goals are the intentions that you want to discover the meaning and purpose in life. You can do this by following the religious or secular scriptures and teachings. When you set a spiritual goal, then it allows you to connect the spiritual side of yourself and achieve clarity in finding the purpose and meaning in life.

Setting Spiritual Goals 

While setting spiritual goals, you should stick to them and follow them until they become a habit and part of your life. Some of them are as follows;

Clear about your Beliefs

Your beliefs, you can easily answer them if you’re a follower of any particular faith. Other than that, it’s not easy to talk about your beliefs. Therefore, it’s important to clearly know about your core principles and beliefs for which you want to practice your life. You can’t practice and base your life on if you don’t know about your beliefs.

Therefore, it’s significant to know the beliefs that allow you to connect with your inner-self, source, universe, divine power, or deity. The first thing you should do is to motivate your spirit and morale.

Reflect your Actions

If you believe in the fact that your values would pay you off, then you would stick to them. You should ask yourself whether you’ve done something that is against your beliefs and values or have got any conflict. These questions would help you to reflect on your actions in life.

However, you should step back, pause, and analyze in which direction your journey of life is going. Ask yourself whether you’re living a spiritually good path or not. In some instances, the self-reflection moments would challenge your beliefs. It’s not failure, but a clarification of your beliefs.

Cultivate Peace

A spiritually attuned life would offer you inner and out peace in life. The interesting goal in life is to do the things that you love, live a life of your choice, and have thoughts that make you float in the air. You should find the source of conflicts in your mind, and it would help you to reduce the tension.

Most importantly, you should treat yourself the same way you treat others. The way you think every moment, would impact your behavior. It doesn’t whatever other people are doing or happening around you, you can always find the path of peacefulness.

Peaceful living means forgiveness and letting go of things. It doesn’t mean that you should accept the ill-treatment of others. You should know when to walk away when things aren’t going on your way, and it’s part of peaceful living.


Compassion is when you feel the pain of the other person, and take some steps in order to ease their sufferings. Some people have the inborn compassionate trait and they keep on helping other people throughout their lives without expecting anything in return. When you grow spiritually, then it’s not a benefit of service, it’s a by-product that comes along with it.

Living a compassionate life means being grateful for everything you have in your life and it helps you to lower your ego. Compassionate means that you put yourself in their position and recognize their feelings.

Acknowledge the Inter-connectedness

One element of spirituality is looking inward and into yourself, and another element is looking at the universe and the world. You have to realize the fact that you aren’t living a life in isolation, and everything in the universe is connected in a complicated web that you can’t see. Air that we breathe, food that we eat, and other products of the world that we enjoy, connect us to the universe.


Even though we all are part of the world and connected with everything in the universe, no two people are alike. Isn’t it strange and wonderful? Some people could be so different and unique from everyone in terms of expressing their beliefs and views. The differences can become the conflict, and you can avoid the conflict by tolerance and acceptance.

The key to building a peaceful society is tolerance and accepting the differences of others. You should tolerate the differences, but you can’t tolerate those who want to harm you. The beauty of life is in diversity that everyone comes with a unique gift of its own.

Value People in your Life

Community is the group of people living in a place where you live in. Some of the people are an active part of your life like friends, family, and colleagues that have a great influence on you. The other people would be passive because you won’t know about them.

To grow spiritually deals with connecting with other people by valuing their place in your life. You have to work on building relationships, and you can’t take things for granted. It means that you should admire and appreciate people in your life.

Practice Silence

The path of spirituality requires you to stop the noise of the outer world and your inner-self, and practice silence in your life. You can have quiet solitude time in the form of meditation and prayers. It doesn’t matter whatever form or method you choose, the point is to practice silence. A few moments of silence could have a great impact on your mind, body, and soul.

Envision your Goals

You should imagine your life and how you want your life to turn out to be in the next year. You should develop an actionable plan by visualizing the things that you want in your life and putting it on paper. If it’s possible, then create a diagram or a graph that would help you to visualize your objectives.

Keep it Real

Setting targets and objectives in life are good, but the unrealistic and unachievable could drain out all of your energy and make you exhausted. Instead of achieving your objectives, it would result in frustration and disappointment. Therefore, your objectives should be achievable and attainable that you can easily handle them.

Conclusion: What are Spiritual Goals? How to Set 

After an in-depth study of what are spiritual goals; and how to set them; we’ve realized that setting spiritual goals are very important in our lives. If you’re setting it in your life, then keep in mind the abovementioned guidelines and suggestions.