What are Spiritual Values? – Examples

The idea of spiritual values is to make human beings develop better relationships with each other and connect with the higher self. Human beings practice moral and ethical values throughout their lives; society and cultures endorse such values because they result in the form of good behavior. Today, we’ll discuss what are spiritual values; detailed explanation with examples.

Usually, spiritual values have an association with religion and theology. They’re such fundamental beliefs that make a person develop a relationship with the higher self outside of the materialistic domain of this world and people. Their emphasis is on those elements that make a significant contribution to the spiritual development of a person.

Spiritual values and religious beliefs have close ties with each other. It is in terms of developing a sustainable relationship between human beings and the higher self or deity. However, the goal is to improve the spiritual connection of a person.

The principles of spirituality are the essence of the sacred knowledge that human beings have learned and gathered over the period of hundreds of thousands of years. They offer you an insight into whatever you need to know in order to grow, progress, and develop. Most importantly, they’re the spiritual capability of a person that allows you to shift a higher level of energy for personal development and fulfillment.

Spiritual Values 

Some of the main spiritual values are as follows;


If you look at life in general, then you’ll find a lot of disagreements, conflicts, and contradictions in its affairs. The principal goal is unity based on harmony. However, when you live your life in harmony, then it means that you’re trying to achieve the status of spiritual awareness.

When you reach the level of harmony, then the universe brings a lot of unexpected opportunities on your way, and it’s an expansion process of consciousness outside of the domain of the physical world. You would be in the state of experiencing permanent happiness. It’s because you have the capability to discover the reality of this world based on superior knowledge.

Harmony allows you to do good for yourself and everything around you. It’s such a state of fulfillment and peacefulness that makes you move towards happiness.

For instance, when a person does what he loves to do, then he/she is on the path to happiness. He would also try to make other people joyful and happy.


The expression of divinity is truth, and it is the significant reality of this world. When your words, actions, and thoughts are truthful, coherent, and aligned with each other you can achieve a higher state of consciousness.

Honesty doesn’t mean speaking the truth, it means remaining clear with yourself and your attitude towards life. As they say, the circumstances of life are inflexible and true.

In order to reach the higher state of consciousness and spiritual height, you should allow yourself to rise above the physical state of human consciousness. According to the principle of spirituality, it means living your life consistently.

For instance, if you truly want something in your life and believe in it, then you would take action according to your beliefs and not in contradiction.


Charity means giving away things to needy people, and not in the sense of making yourself superior to them and feeling better about yourself. It means charity for the sake of charity and peace without realizing and recording whatever you’re giving it away. However, when you’re truthful with your gesture, then it offers you a deep sense of joyfulness.

It’s a common experience in this world that people help out other people by having others’ motives. When you expect some material thing or love in return, then it’s not an act of charity.

Spiritual growth means doing something against your ego and reaching beyond your egotistical limits. The ego mindset only cares about the pleasures and joyfulness of yourself. If you truly want to change the direction of your life, then you should transform your mind from ego to spirituality.

Charity is such a spiritual value that falls under the category of compassion, and not alienating yourself from reality. Here you feel the pain of others like it’s yours, and take some actions without having any interior motives.


Faith usually falls under the category of faculty (sense) and not value, and it’s the knowledge and wisdom of the soul that the human mind hasn’t achieved yet. The human mind has the capability to transform the notion of faith into a principle of life.

It doesn’t matter whatever action you perform in life, it has some type of link with faith. It could be faith in the law, technology, values of other people, others, or your own capacity and capabilities.

Often our past experiences reduce our faith and make us reluctant to trust others. If you want faith to be an element of spiritual value, then you should change your perception from people, yourself, things, and money to the higher self or the spirit. However, when you put your trust in the higher self, then you would comprehend life from a higher perspective.

Faith is the trust and confidence in the higher self and divine power that it’s doing everything for your health, wealth, well-being, and personal development. That’s why faith has the capability to lower the troubles and worries of life.


Hope plays a significant role in our lives. It opens your mind to the new possibilities of life, and makes you establish roads and bridges whatever you want or desire in life. it has the capability to dream in life.

In fact, hope is a personal value along with a spiritual value. It allows you to live a life with optimistic feelings that you’re moving in the right direction in order to achieve your goals.

Conclusion: What are Spiritual Values? – Examples 

After an in-depth study of what are spiritual values; we’ve realized that they play a significant role in improving our lives. If you want to practice it in your life, then keep in mind the abovementioned guidelines.