What Does Friends With Benefits Mean? Tips & Rules 

You would have a brief idea if you have watched the movie “friends with benefits;” and wondering what the term FWB means and what type of relationship it is; if you haven’t watched it yet. Today, we’ll discuss what does friends with benefits means; tips and rules to follow, whether it is right for you or not; and things to avoid.

What Does Friends With Benefits Mean? 

Friends with benefits (FWB) is a type of relationship in which two persons become physically intimate with each other without involving any commitment and romantic ties. People in the FWB relationship enjoy each other’s company and sexual intercourse, but their relationship doesn’t have the romantic element in it like “no strings attached.”

Tips & Rules of Friends With Benefits 

Some of the main tips and rules that you should keep in mind while getting into the friends with benefits relationship are as follows;


Consent is the most important thing before doing such a thing. Whether it is no strings attached relationship, friends with benefits, or a one-time hook-up thing; it is significant to ask and set boundaries. You should never assume the consent of sexual intercourse, you should clearly ask about it.

You can always give permission to do social things. But you need consent on whether you should make the FWB relationship public or not. It is possible that your partner wants to keep things only in the bedroom, and doesn’t want to talk about it in public.

Honest & Open Communication

If you want your FWB relationship to happen, then you should be honest and open about the communication. You should carefully listen to your partner whatever he or she wants, and then expresses your feelings; find some mutually beneficial ground. When both partners are about their FWB relationship and know whatever their partner is looking for, then they can make it work out well.

When you openly talk about things, it would lift the weight of expectations over your shoulders. You should clearly say out loud what you’re looking for both sexually and socially. If there is anything that doesn’t make you feel comfortable, then open communication would smooth things out.

Keep it Fun

FWB relationship allows you to explore your sexuality and accept your sensuality while having fun in your life. Some people are very fearful about the first time and it would be like losing their virginity; an FWB relationship allows them to talk about things and get it over with. Most importantly, it allows you to explore new ways of physical intimacy without any risk of commitment.

Many social cultures still find it disgraceful and shameful when women explore their sexuality and pleasures of physical intimacy. It is a highly controversial thing to bring your sexuality on the ground as a woman under such circumstances.

Use Protection

You can’t enjoy your physical intimacy when you’re constantly under the fear of pregnancy and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). In order to avoid such fear, you should always use protection. The purpose of an FWB relationship is to avoid commitment and give you the luxury of doing whatever you want; it becomes possible by using protection. You should regularly visit your doctor for STD scanning if you have got an active sexual life.

No Jealousy

The idea behind an FWB relationship is to enjoy your life without having any commitment and romantic ties. It is equally possible that your FWB partner is hooking up with other people as well; then it would open the door to jealousy. However, the monogamous mindset and culture tell us that love and sex is exclusive; and it makes you feel jealous.

In such a case, you should consider that a person has got various social connections and relationships with different people, and their relationship with other people won’t impact their intimacy. You should consider other partners of your FWB partner as his or her friends, rather than the threat that they would take away from him or her. Realistically speaking, it is easier said than done.


When you started it; it was only an FWB relationship. But now your partner is developing feelings and wants more than just FWB; wants to make it a serious and committed relationship. It is better to talk about your feelings, expectations, and what you want. However, if it is only a hook-up and not what you want, then you should quit the FWB relationship.

Follow What You Want

The main benefit of the FWB relationship is that it allows you to enjoy physical without any commitment. In the meantime, you should clearly say the type of person you’re looking for, and follow your ideal without any fear of commitment. The important thing is that you should be honest, and don’t take advantage of someone’s emotions.

What we want in life, our dreams and expectations change. Some people would like to be with the person that they know and are intimate with. On the other hand, other types of people sleep with someone else and dream about emotionally connecting with someone else. You should regularly check your feelings and expectations; whether they’re just casual feelings of physical intimacy, or want something more.

Know When To Move On

FWB (friends with benefits) is a type of relationship that doesn’t last forever. It is like some casual friends that come and go in your life without affecting anything. However, as long as your FWB relationship is fun, then you should keep on doing it. Once jealousy creeps in, and a mismatch of expectations, then you should move on in your life to the next phase.

Is “Friends With Benefits” Right For You? 

If you’re wondering whether FWB (friends with benefits) relationship is right for you or not; the thing you should ask yourself is whether you’re keeping it casual, both partners are on the same page, and following mutually beneficial terms, then it is good for you. Otherwise, it is not.

When to Avoid in the Friends with Benefits Relationship 

Your partner is only agreeing to the FWB relationship; nothing less and nothing. It is because he or she is only engaging in the FWB relationship in order to avoid heartaches and love connection. However, it is possible that your FWB relationship could become a romantic and emotionally intimate connection relationship. Your partner should be open to the idea of something more when it happens.

If the casual FWB relationship is stopping you from getting into a serious emotional connection and relationship; then such an FWB relationship would disappoint you romantically in the long term.

Conclusion: What Does Friends With Benefits Mean? Tips & Rules 

After an in-depth study of what does friends with benefits mean; tips and rules, and when to avoid it; we have realized FWB could be a fun type of relationship to explore your sexuality and sensuality. If it is not a fun connection anymore, then you should move on in your life.