What Does No Strings Attached Relationship Mean? Tips, Pros & Cons 

The modern dating world has got a lot of complications. It has brought to light many modern dating terms like hooking up, hanging out, seeing each other, friends with benefits, and no strings attached (NSA). In order to understand the status of your relationship, you should exactly know the type of relationship you’re having. Today, we’ll discuss what does no strings attached relationship mean; what does NSA relationship mean; its pros and cons, and tips to enjoy it.

What Does No Strings Attached Relationship Mean? 

NSA (no strings attached) is a form of relationship in which partners don’t have emotional ties, no special conditions, and no limitation on physical and emotional fidelity or support of any type.

Frankly speaking, an NSA relationship is a type where people become involved only for physical intimacy or intercourse without any type of emotional connection between them. In other words, it is purely a sexual relationship without any type of obligation to any of the partners, and no commitment to any type of the relationship.

Usually, people become involved in the NSA relationship after getting out of a terrible breakup or nasty divorce that has drained out all of their energy. They don’t think that they’re ready for any type of serious committed relationship. In the meantime, they would like to enjoy physical intercourse in order to satisfy their sexual needs. That’s why people get themselves involved in the NSA relationship.

Tips for NSA Relationship 

If you’re going to involve in the no string attached (NSA) relationship, some of the main tips that you should keep in mind are as follows;

Right Person

Getting involved in the NSA relationship doesn’t mean that you have to emotionally blackmail someone for your own physical pleasure. You should select the person that is open about only sexual intimacy without emotional connection. Keep in mind that men can be possessive and emotionally clingy if they’re comfortable with a monogamous relationship. If you get involved with the emotionally clinging person, then it would create problems later on.

No Hanging Out

NSA relationship purely means physical intimacy. You won’t have to hang out with the person like watching movies together, going to dinner, or talking with each other. Once you become friends and enjoy each other’s company, then the emotional feeling would creep in and finish your NSA relationship.

Be Direct & Clear

When it comes to protection, you have to be direct and clear because not all types of test results would come positive. The type of position you want and feel comfortable with, you have to be clear about it. However, if don’t feel comfortable doing something, then you have to say it verbally.


In order to satisfy your fantasy, you should keep on experimenting and trying out new places and positions according to the convenience of your partner. Your focus should be on making sexual intercourse a fun activity rather than a stress-release strategy. Since you can’t discuss personal things, you should only discuss sexual fantasies.

No Room For Jealousy

You should give each other space after enjoying the physical intimacy. If one of the partners becomes jealous about seeing other people, then you should end the NSA relationship from that moment on. It means that the other partner is developing feelings; finish it if you don’t have the same feelings.

Advantages of No Strings Attached Relationship 

Some of the main advantages of no strings attached relationship are as follows;

No Commitment

One of the main benefits of an NSA relationship is that you can enjoy all the benefits of physical intimacy without offering emotional support and commitment. Instead, your relationship with the other person is only physical. However, it’s because not every person is ready to take all the responsibilities all at once.

Follow Different Options

It is a monogamous relationship, and it allows you to keep looking for other options that you think are best for yourself in terms of relationship and living together. If you find someone better over time, then you can move on with him or her without any feelings of guilt or attachment.


Many young people engage in NSA relationships for fun, thrill, and excitement. They want to enjoy their life without thinking about the consequences and emotional side of things. However, misunderstanding in a monogamous and exclusive relationship causes a lot of stress.

Disadvantages of No Strings Attached Relationship 

Some of the main disadvantages of no strings attached relationship are as follows;

May Have Feelings but Unrequited

When you become physically intimate with someone, then you’re at the risk of developing feelings for the other person. You would have a change of heart and that is not part of the deal, but the other person is not ready to do so. Such types of casual NSA relationships result in the form of heartbreak.

Stops from Serious Relationship

If your physical intimacy needs are being met, you won’t seriously look for an emotional connection with any person. It is because you’re spending all of your time, energy, and thoughts with the person that is meeting all of your needs. Looking to connect with someone emotionally would be highly risky.

Risking Your Emotional & Physical Health

Many people who engage in the NSA relationship would end up feeling unimportant, hurt, and used because casual nature of the relationship. It is fun in the beginning, but an NSA relationship is shallow from the inside because you don’t get to talk and spend time with the other person. Along with risking your emotional health, it also puts you at risk of STI (sexually transmitted diseases).

Conclusion: What Does No Strings Attached Relationship Mean? Tips, Pros & Cons 

After an in-depth study of what does no strings attached relationship mean; what an NSA relationship means; its pros and cons, and tips; we have realized that an NSA relationship is good for fun but it satisfies all of your needs. If you’re thinking about getting involved in this type of relationship, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and suggestions.