What Does Situationship Mean? Signs & Traits 

Perhaps you have heard from any of your friends that they are seeing and hanging out with a guy or girl, but they haven’t gone on a proper date. They see their future and want to settle down with them, but things haven’t moved forward and are a bit complicated. Today, we’ll discuss what does situationship mean; its signs, and its traits.

What Does Situationship Mean? 

Let’s say situationship is a purgatory of modern-day relationships; a free relationship in an environment where people marry late and they don’t want any commitment. It is completely different from the friends-with-benefits type of relationship where two individuals hook up for the purpose of physical intimacy with limited communication. However, the situationship comprises physical intimacy, connection, and communication and that makes things complicated.

Some experts say that situationship could be the transitional phase where people get to know each other before developing a deeper level of intimacy and committed relationship. Sometimes, it doesn’t move forward and remains stuck in the situationship stage. It is possible that either one or both partners are dating and seeing the other out of convenience.

Signs & Traits of Situationship 

Some of the main signs and traits on the question of “what does situationship mean” are as follows;

Not Moving Forward

When couples and partners take their relationship forward, they set particular types of relationship goals and objectives. Some of them are meeting with each others’ friends and family members, sharing a holiday together, Saturday nights, date nights with dinner, and saying “I love you” the first time. However, if your partner doesn’t do these things, then it is a sign of situationship.

Separate Lives

When couples and partners are in a serious relationship; they have integrated lives and they do various things together like visiting the same restaurant or coffee shop or learning something together. They visit each others’ offices and accompany each others’ friends and colleagues, and spend time with each others’ loved ones. In this situationship, partners don’t have integrated lives and they don’t talk about their relationship, and their relationship doesn’t move forward.

No Formal Dates

Formal dating comprises visiting a particular restaurant on a certain date and time. When you take your partner out, then it means that you are investing in the growth of your relationship. For instance, if your partner accompanies their friends without you, and they don’t care about it, then it is a sign of situationship.

Superficial Without Depth

It is when things are superficial and stay on the surface. It means that your situationship partner won’t take the time and effort to get to know you deeply and intimately and share their inner side. Without sharing vulnerabilities and a deeper level of connections, emotional intimacy won’t develop. You can say that they are the foundations and pillars of establishing the meaning and romantic relationship.

Inconsistent Plans

They don’t have the energy of a committed relationship, and they don’t make any effort in getting to know you. It shows that the partner doesn’t have an interest in developing the relationship with you, and they don’t invest their time and efforts in doing so. You should observe the inconsistency in their plans with you and they won’t include you in them. If a person has an interest in you, they would ask you out on a date without spending any time.

Not Discussing Future

In a serious committed relationship, couples and partners discuss their future plans; whether it is introducing you to their friends and family members, choosing the restaurant, or planning the date or the trip. If your partner is not discussing and sharing with you the details of the future and upcoming events, then it means that the person doesn’t consider you a potential candidate for the future.

Haven’t Recognized Relationship

A point and level come in every relationship where you need to define and recognize your partner and the relationship what it is. It is significant to know whether it is monogamy, polygamy, romantic feelings, twin flames, soulful connection, or exclusiveness. If you have been with a person for a few months and they haven’t defined the relationship and not recognized you, then it is not normal. If you want the relationship to move forward, then you should start the conversation.

Not Going to Events as Partner

When it comes to attending events and ceremonies like weddings, holidays, tours, and family dinners, then you should have a date by your side. If your partner is not taking you in those events as a partner (girlfriend or boyfriend), then it is a trait of situationship.

No Signs of Being a Couple

You have never heard of their friends and colleagues and they haven’t introduced you to them. You don’t exist to their family members, because they have never mentioned your name to them. Most importantly, you aren’t connected to them on social media platforms. Such indicators define your position in the relationship.

Anxious & Bored Feelings

When you don’t have calls, text messages, proper dates, and talking, then it would make you feel anxious. It is because you are only having physical intimacy without any romance and emotional connection, and it would result in the form of boredom.

Conclusion: What Does Situationship Mean? Signs & Traits 

After an in-depth study of the top signs and traits of the question of “what does situationship mean;” we have realized that building a romantic relationship requires a lot of effort. If you are learning about a complicated relationship, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned signs and traits.