What is 5D Consciousness? Ascension to Higher State

Many spiritualists, shamans, and yogis have been talking about the 5D consciousness and ascension into the higher state of consciousness for the past decade. By ascension, I mean ascending from 3D and 4D to 5D consciousness. Many experts say that pandemics have amplified the transition stages. Today, we’ll discuss what is 5D consciousness; the meaning of ascension into the higher state of consciousness, and how we’re going to reach there. 

What is the Spiritual Dimension of Consciousness? 

Before jumping into a discussion of what is 5D consciousness; it’s important to discuss the “D” dimension. As many of you are aware of the fact that human beings experience two various dimensions; it means either they’re “awake” or in a “dreaming” state of mind. However, the spiritual dimension of reality is infinite and has different rules.

When we talk about waking experiences of reality, then we live in a 3-dimensional world. Our dreams are from the realm of 4th dimension of reality. However, we experience various higher dimensions of reality through prayers, hallucination drugs, lucid dreaming, hypnosis, and meditation. 

As you’re aware of the fact that there are different dimensions of reality, and various sets of laws govern different dimensions of reality. Once you’re in a certain dimension of consciousness, then you can’t do anything against those laws. 

Lower & Higher Dimension 

The lower dimension of consciousness usually has various strong beliefs and feelings and there’s a clear differentiation between object and being. In the higher dimension of consciousness, one believes in the unity of various forms and has strong feelings and conviction in oneness. 

When we say the lower or higher state of consciousness, the reason it’s lower/higher is in terms of sound waves, wavelength, or frequency. In fact, different frequencies aren’t good or bad (judgmentally speaking) relevant to others in the universe. It’s just one state like 3D is lower than 4D 


A different way to interpret is that the whole universe is majestic energy vibrating and resonating at different levels of amplitudes and frequencies. You may say it’s just one version of quantum theory. Our actions and existence on this planet create a story at a certain frequency on this plane, you can call it 3 dimensions of reality. 

There are different stories of different frequencies that create boundaries separating from one another. They become different dimensions completely different and unmatched from one another. However, the energy of the universe doesn’t have any division. Different stories we use to comprehend reality by the illusion of ego and judgment. 

What is 5D consciousness and ascension into the higher state of consciousness

What is 5D Consciousness? 

5D consciousness is a fully awaken, uplifted, and compassionate state of awareness. It is such a state where most of your decisions are based on soul. However, most people become vegan at this stage. If not, then it becomes very difficult for you to eat the meat of other beings after knowing the fact that a living being has to die for your meal. 

It’s important to mention it here that 5D consciousness is not a physical place, it’s a state of conscious awareness. You have to make decisions based on logic and head often, because we live in a 3-dimensional world, and we have to deal with different people that are on operating at different levels of conscious awareness. 

The 3-dimensional reality of the world becomes insignificant and invisible to you when your mind is functioning at the 5D awareness. Literally, it’s possible that you won’t see other people operating at the 3D level, because you can see through them. It’s highly probable that you won’t be visible to them either. 

When you reach the level of awareness, then many of your relationships would shift and change. Things that used to be very irritating at the 3D state, become insignificant. Your objective becomes very clear is to live the best possible life and lift the spirit and energy of others and this planet as well. 

What is 5d consciousness

4D Consciousness 

4D consciousness is a wake-up call when you’re going through the crisis and challenges of life. Many ancient scholars refer to this state as “a mode of sleepwalking” when you’re completely living in the 3D world. 

When you are in 4D awareness, then it means that you live in the 3D world, but you become aware and practice higher consciousness like compassion, service, sharing, and love. Here, you use the power of mind and soul in order to attract and create things whatever you want. 

4D consciousness amplifies your intuition and psychic expertise to a great extent. You can sense and feel things and events before their actual happening. For people that are going through their spiritual journey while living in a 3-dimensional reality, 4D awareness is a custom for them. 

3D Consciousness 

3D consciousness is the physical reality of this world, where your physical body influences your mind and decisions. A vast majority of people in the world live and operate at the 3D awareness level. However, some of the dominant forces in the 3D level are jealousy, lack of things, competition, fear, personality, sexuality, survival, and duality. At this level, thoughts occupy our minds relevant to the things that we have or don’t have. If you want to move beyond 3D, then you have to raise your spiritual and conscious awareness level. 

What is Ascension into Higher State of Consciousness? 

The ascension or transition is the most commonly used term. Historically speaking, the ascension into the higher state of consciousness like 4D and 5D began after WWII. You can say cosmic energy, spiritual powers, or extra-terrestrials began taking interest in our planet in order to prevent people from destroying themselves. 

The love revolution and other movements in the 1960s started shifting our planet to the higher dimension. Some astrologists say that the last time it happened was roundabout 2000 years ago. However, the Mayan calendar ended on Dec 21, 2012, which meant that the planet would transition into the higher dimension from 3D.

If you study various trends across the world, then transformational into a higher state of consciousness becomes highly visible to you. Trends like communication through a spirit guide, spiritual leader, healers, meditation, and yoga practices have been increasing across the world. Technology and the internet have played a significant role in enhancing those trends. 

Some say the sunlight is providing heat and energy to this planet earth and helping it in the process of transition. Others say that everything in the universe is expanding and transforming into a higher state. However, many people are unaware of the fact that transition is happening to them. Some are comfortable at the 4D State, and the others are sticking to their ego identity of 3D. 

Ascension to higher state of consciousness

Ascension means Integration

The widespread usage of 4D technology is causing the transition from 3D consciousness. The whole process is happening in two ways; 

  • Feeling like an out-of-body experience, having lucid dreams, experiencing 4D conscious awareness, and leaving the 3D state of mind 
  • Using and applying the experiences of 4D consciousness in the 3D world in order to solve problems 

Pandemic & Ascension 

From the perspective of the higher state of consciousness means two things; either Mother Nature decided to make the first move towards transition, or people wanted the assistance of nature to ascend. Some of the spiritual impacts of the recent wave of a pandemic; 

  • It guided them to know what is important and unimportant, and what they want or don’t want in their lives
  • Healed the planet, worldwide calming impact, and people started realizing their personal and social values 
  • It cultivated the trend of psychic and telepathic communication 
  • People retreated back to the original source and started working on inner-self 

Have we reached there yet? 

We all are going through different dimensions of reality and conscious awareness in our lives. The truth of the matter is that some people are more conscious, aware, dedicated than others. In fact, if you have a soulful origin, then you can easily raise your vibrations and connect with your higher state of consciousness. 

It’s important to keep in mind that some people are operating at the 5D conscious level while living life on the 3D plane. There are many other higher levels than 5D, and people are functioning on higher levels while having feet on the ground. 

Conclusion: What is 5D Consciousness? Ascension into Higher State 

After an in-depth study of what is 5D consciousness; we’ve realized that 5 dimension realities are not a physical place. If you want to ascend to the higher state of consciousness, then you should do some inner work, meditate, and be aware of your thoughts.