What is a Soul Tie? Signs, How to Break It 

You can have various types of soulful relationships in your life ranging from twin flames and soulmates. It is simple and easy to analyze things when you’re in the middle of the relationship; that’s why it is significant to break the soul tie. Today, we’ll discuss what is a soul tie; its signs, and how to break it.

What is a Soul Tie? 

A soul tie is a spiritual and emotional connection with a particular person deeply embedded in your soul. Often, it happens after you have sexual intercourse with a person. There is a misconception about soulful ties connection is that it is only a sexual connection. Although sex is only a part of it in order to strengthen the connection, it is not everything.

Sexual intercourse developing soulful ties has its roots back in Christian history and tradition. It propagates the concept that if you’re becoming physically intimate with a person outside the marriage, then you’re developing a connection with that person. The soulful ties in terms of physically intimate have got deeper attachment in the disguise of over-spiritualization of normal feelings.

Your brain releases oxytocin hormones during the orgasm, and not all partners would feel the emotional bonding after the physically intimate experience. In situations like friends with benefits and casual dating, you can experience it in healthier ways.

Tanya Carroll Richardson says that you should consider the soulful ties in a broader perspective as a type of soulful connection between two people. It is probable that two people have belonged to the same soul family and have known each in the past life. Their soulful connection to meet in this lifetime is to experience some type of relationship.

It doesn’t mean that the connection has to be involved in the romantic relationship. You would quickly realize that this particular person isn’t boosting and uplifting your energy in this life. It is possible that you would have a great attraction towards each other initially. When you have the opportunity to know them, then you would realize the fact that you don’t want them to be around you. You should acknowledge your intuitive feelings.

Signs of a Soul Tie 

Some of the main signs of a soul tie connection are as follows;

Something Missing Without Them

If things aren’t working out the way you want them to be, then it would be very painful; the connection of the soulful tie could become a deeper attachment. People would experience feelings of brokenness most of the time as something is missing in their life. It is because they don’t have a connection with them in their lives.

Important Timing to Show up

Soulful ties connections have great timing to appear in your life. Your soulful ties person would show up at the right moment when you’re healing or needing help, or they have the capability to help you. You should ask yourself what important things were going on in your life; when you first had the meeting and what they offered you.

Unique Relationship

When you’re developing the connection of the soulful tie, they’re unique, rare, and have got the element of newness. You should analyze your feelings that you have never experienced before; like the physically intimate passionate feelings that you haven’t felt before. Or you are working on something completely new from the start like launching a new project or business venture.

Make Your Complete

Sometimes, the connection of the soulful tie activates and rejuvenates your feelings of deep attachment. It makes you feel that a particular person completes you. In the case of romantic and soulmate relationships, it is absolutely true.


Along with strong feelings and connection, you would have feelings of great familiarity with that particular person. It makes you feel that you have known them somehow in your entire life, even though they’re there in your life only for a short time.

Strong Connection

The soulful ties connection has got a great intensity. Whether it is good or bad, one thing you can be sure of is that everything would be intense. A particular person would attract your attention, and you feel very comfortable around them. You should look for some type of noticeable reaction that is different than normal.

Deeper Connection

Having soulful ties means that your connection and bond are deep. Even though it is common, it is a special type of connection. However, if you’re experiencing deeper connectivity with a particular person, then it means that your connection is a soul-tie bond.

How to Break a Soul Tie 

If you want to break the soul ties; first you should understand the significance of knowing yourself and acknowledge the fact that you are completely on your own. On the other hand, Christian tradition propagates the idea that married people complete each other like ½ + ½ = 1.

It is important to mention here that losing someone, especially your soul tie connection is not easy. It doesn’t matter whether you perceive it through the lens of healing or breaking the soulful ties. You should make sure that you have got all the professional help at your disposal to maintain your sanity and your mental health.

The important thing you should keep in mind is that you have got a lot of options available at your disposal in your life. For instance, if your soulful tie connection is with your friend and you have developed a strong friendship; it makes you feel that you would never find anyone like this one. You trust the universe; it would help you to find new friends and better connections that are more aligned with your life goals and objectives.

Conclusion: What is a Soul Tie? Signs, How to Break It 

After an in-depth study of what is a soul tie; its signs, and how to break it; we have realized that soulful ties connection is common but special. If it is not aligned with your life goals and objectives, then you should detach yourself from it because your peace of mind and your life matters.