What is a Soulmate? Types & Signs

A soulmate is a person that has a deep and eternal impact on your life and it makes you realize that a particular individual is an element of yourself. The notion of a soulmate is such of significance that everyone could relate to it, some want to learn, and others desire to meet one. Today, we’ll discuss what is a soulmate, the types of soulmates, and the signs of meeting your soulmate.

Your soulmate is a person to whom you’re deeply and intimately attached but not in a needy or dependent way. Your soulmate walks with you on the path of life, and you rely on one another in order to complete yourself way beyond the restrictions of yourselves. However, the relationship between soulmates happens when both meet each other needs and it challenges them to move from individual selfishness towards giving and completing each other.

Types of Soulmates

After discussing what is a soulmate; it’s important to mention it here that soulmate doesn’t always mean a romantic relationship and they don’t have to be romantically involved with each other. Some of the main types of soulmates are as follows;

Romantic Soulmates

When romantic soulmates spend time together, they ignite passions in each other and offer a height of emotional and physical pleasure. Many of us have been through breakups, where the relationship used to be passionate and hot, but the fire of passion extinguishes over time. I don’t mean to say that it happens always.

However, the flame of passion keeps on burning among true romantic soulmates. It’s because of their commitment and understanding to each other and keeping the relationship passionate and hot.

Soul Partners

There may be one friend in your life that you’ve been together and connected with since kindergarten and primary school. When you think about the relationship with your soul partner, then it just clicked and happened. However, when you reunite with your soul partner after years of separation, then the depth of connection won’t make you feel the passing of time.

Karmic Soulmates

It is the synchronization of common goals and objectives and you would feel the energy and excitement when you meet the karmic soulmate. The karmic soulmates are ideal partners that have a shared mission of changing the world and their skills, resources, and expertise complement each other. Most importantly, the karmic soulmate doesn’t involve establishing a love/romantic type intimate relationship. Instead, their focus is on building something that matters by putting their best version of themselves forward.

What is a soulmate

Companion Soulmates

Companion soulmates are the tom & jerry, peanut butter to the jelly, and yin & yang type of partners. Friendship and companionship are a significant part of life. Such types of soulmates won’t leave you when you’re angry, love you without any reason, challenge you to be real and authentic, flow with you when you’re riding high, take care of you when you’re in pain, and put a smile on your face when you’re sad. You’re willing to do the same with them.

Kindred Soulmates

A kindred soulmate is a type of person that you agree with on all matters, big or small. Such partners and soulmates desire and compete for the same thing without bitterness or jealousy, agree/disagree on various matters with love, affection, and respect, smile and laugh at the same jokes, and love similar things. In fact, their journey on the path of life towards love and truth is the same.

Soul Contracts

A soul contract is the type of connection when two partners are committed to each other in order to be authentic, accepting their deceit and deception, emotionally opening up to each other, and speaking the truth. It may seem like a matrimonial couple relationship, where both partners stay together (not for the sake of kids) with a deep attraction for the rest of their lives, even though one partner cheated on the other.

Signs of meeting your soulmate 

Since there are different types of soulmates, it’s highly probable that you’ve met your soulmate. Some of the prominent signs of meeting your soulmate are as follows;

Sense of Calm/Storm

The soulmate comprises both spirits, a sense of calm and storm. Sometimes, he/she pushes you out of your comfort zone, challenges you to think outside of the box, and compels you to come up with something new. The whole process won’t be peaceful and smooth. There will be some moments of harmony, serenity, and connection.

Feeling your Pain

It’s difficult to find any example of soulmates that don’t have empathy and compassion. It’s such a relationship where both partners feel each others’ pain like an entangled strand of spaghetti. However, the important thing to keep in mind is that some soulmate relationships have an expiration date. On the bright side, we all experience a soulmate connection in our lives.

How to know you’ve met your Soulmate 

Everyone gets to know one’s soulmate soon or later in life. The thing I’ve learned is that human beings don’t mean to live a life alone. The goal of establishing a relationship in life is not to satisfy each others’ needs. In fact, it means compelling your partner to reach his/her fullest potential, and challenges to grow and proliferate in life.

There is no such thing as perfect timing or reaching a particular stage of life in order to meet, connect, and find your soulmate. People meet their passionate soulmates in the 70s or 80s after 50 years of being apart. You can them soulmates and they meant to live the final years of their lives together.

You may be thinking that you have already met your soulmate while sharing an umbrella in the rain, subway stop, and on a vacation and you were a stranger at that point time. The reality is that it’s possible; life is all about timing and knowing yourself. However, the meaning of a soulmate relationship is to develop yourself spiritually and psychologically, and not meeting each other’s needs. When you accept this fact, then you’re open to the possibility of meeting your soulmate anytime in life.

Conclusion: What is a Soulmate? Types & Signs 

After an in-depth study of what is a soulmate; the types of soulmates, and the signs of meeting your soulmate, we’ve realized that soulmates play a significant role in our lives and key us on track. There is no exact science of knowing whether you’ve met yours or not since there are various types of soulmates. Finally, you just have to know what is soulmate, its characteristics, types, and signs.