What is Erotomania? Symptoms, Causes, Treatment 

Erotomania is a form of delusion, a rare mental health condition. Today, we’ll discuss what is erotomania; its symptoms, causes, and treatment.

What is Erotomania? 

Erotomania is a rare type of paranoid delusion that strongly makes a person believes that the other person is in love with him or her. This type of delusion would develop and persist after clear proof and evidence contrary to the person’s beliefs.

The erotomanic condition could occur suddenly, and its symptoms last for a very long time. Typically, the delusions are about the inaccessible person of high social status, celebrity, rich, or powerful. The deluded person has very little or no contact with their fantasy person.

People with erotomanic conditions believe that the other person is sending them secrete messages and planning to talk to them. They believe that their communication happens telepathically while watching TV shows or news. The condition has an association with other mental illnesses like manic behavior or delusions.

 The erotomanic condition also goes by the name of De Clerabault’s syndrome. It is after the French psychologist who first explained the condition, a distinct disorder in 1921. The condition has got relevance to other psychological disorders, and they may occur on their own.

Symptoms of Erotomania 

The main symptom comprises of false delusional belief of the person that the other person is deeply and intimately in love with them. Often, they have got no proof of their love for the other person. The targeted person won’t be aware of the existence of the deluded person with an erotomanic condition.

The deluded person with the condition would constantly talk about the other person. They have got a great obsession with trying to meet, talk, and develop a connection with the other person so that both persons should be together. Some of the main symptoms of erotomania are as follows;

  • Having no interest in such activities that don’t involve talking about the person, and engaging in such activities relevant to them
  • Harassing the other person publically; reaches the point where it results in the form of their arrest and reprimand by the law
  • Jealous feelings over the belief that the other person is not being faithful and engaging with other lovers
  • Creating a false situation in which the other person is trying to get to touch with them, stalking them, and pursuing them
  • Believing that the other person is trying to send them code messages with their gestures and glances in their movies, TV shows, news, and social media platforms
  • Calling the other person persistently
  • Sending gifts, emails, and letters to the other person constantly
  • Wasting a lot of time on media if the other person is the media celebrity or public figure

Psychotic Break

The erotomanic condition would occur over a long time, and it happens in short episodes and goes by the name of psychotic breaks. Psychotic breaks are the causal symptoms of other mental illnesses. However, it comprises aggravating psychotic features and delusions. It would happen in other conditions like bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, or schizophrenia. Some of the main signs of bipolar disorder are as follows;

  • Exhibiting reckless behaviors like driving recklessly and spending a lot of money
  • Racing thoughts and a lot of them in a short time
  • Jumping from one topic to another and speaking quickly
  • Getting involved in such activities that are casual for that person
  • Can’t sleep
  • Having a lot of energy

Cases of Erotomania 

Research conducted in 1980 studied women that falsely believed that different men at different times were pursuing her and in love with her. It showed that the erotomanic condition among these women lasted for 8 years and they receive successful treatment.

Another research conducted in 2012 studied the Robert Hoskins case. However, Hoskins was stalking obsessively the singer Madonna in 1995. He falsely believed that Madonna would be his wife someday, and he climbed the wall of her house multiple times. He violently threatened her life and the court sent him to prison for 10 years.

A woman in her 50s mistakenly believed that her former employer was in love with her, and was sent to the psychiatric facility in 2016. She was under the influence that her husband was stopping her from being together with her former employer.

Treatment of Erotomania 

The treatment plan for erotomania focuses on treating the delusional and psychotic symptoms, and it comprises medication and therapy. Your therapist would guide you through psychotherapy and counseling.

Doctors usually prescribe antipsychotic medications like pimozide and they use them successfully. Some of the other antipsychotic medications they prescribe along with medication are as follows;

  • Clozapine
  • Risperidone
  • Olanzapine

If the erotomanic condition is happening due to bipolar disorder, you should use the treatment of BP. Doctors usually prescribe mood stabilizers for bipolar disorder, and some of them are;

  • Valproic Acid
  • Lithium

Conclusion: What is Erotomania? Symptoms, Causes, Treatment 

After an in-depth study of what is erotomania; its symptoms, causes, and treatment; we have realized that the erotomanic condition could upside down the life of the deluded person. If you’re experiencing its symptoms, then you consult with the therapist before taking any steps on your delusions.