What is Higher State of Consciousness? How to access it

The term higher consciousness often has a spiritual connotation and it refers to the higher state of mind. Various belief systems like Buddhism, Christianity, Sufism, and Hinduism suggest achieving higher consciousness by pilgrimage, fasting, and meditation. Today, we’ll discuss what is higher state of consciousness; the significance of higher consciousness, and how to achieve it. 

When you go to the spiritual people and ask them to tell you about the higher consciousness, then when they speak of higher consciousness doesn’t make any sense. You ask yourself as a secular person “what on earth these guys are talking about.”

The concept of the higher state of consciousness is very interesting and has nothing to do with spirituality. In fact, you can discuss higher consciousness with a secular and rational mindset. 

What is Higher State of Consciousness? 

As human beings, we often live our lives operating at the lower state of consciousness, where our focus is on our primal human instinct of survival and our own individual success and growth. You can say narrowly defined, and yes you’re right to say so. 

Many neuroscientists consider the lower-consciousness state as a reptilian mind. You defend yourself when you’re under attack, blaming others, and suppressing the relevant questions that are significant. Usually, we like the flattering image of ourselves of who we are as a person and the direction where we’re moving. 

On rare occasions like early in the morning or late at night, we have the honor of accessing a higher state of mind when our body is in a calm and comfortable position. The neuroscientists call this state neocortex, when your judgment is impartial, empathic, and lets your imagination go wild. However, we transcend from the lower egotistic and individualistic state of mind towards a less biased state. 

Such a state of mind or higher state of consciousness, we’re kind, compassionate, empathic, less selfish, and more self-aware of our thoughts and parts of the brain. We take many of our actions based on love rather than fear. 


The state of higher consciousness is a very enlightened stage, and you start to see the world and things differently. For instance, you would see people struggling and fighting for no reason and their sufferings and sorrows due to their misguided actions. At the same time, you would also see this world as a place of touching vulnerability, beauty, longing, and tenderness. Your response towards it is empathy and kindness. 

It’s such a stage when you don’t give any value to your life, and you will no longer think of tranquility. You develop interests in natural things like waves breaking at the seashore, clouds, morning light, sunset, a moth, the wind, and trees. 

At this stage, materialistic things don’t matter to you, world status has no meaning, and unfair treatment would lose its urgency. When people experience and observe your transformed stage, then it would surprise you, and they would love your newfound empathy and generosity. 

It is important to keep in mind that the state of higher consciousness stays for a short time and you shouldn’t try to make it permanent. It’s because it doesn’t go well with the worldly important matter that requires your utmost attention. However, when it happens, then you should make use of it as much as you can, and have a deeper insight. 

What is consciousness and higher state of consciousness?

Significance of Higher State of Consciousness 

Finding a Balance 

We live in a fast-evolving materialistic world of technology fuelled by ego, status, fame, power, and possession of monetary things. All of these things are external traits, and we spend our lives under constant stress running after these things. However, higher consciousness is inside all of us, it’s very important to access it in order to achieve balance both individually and collectively, and inner world and outer world. 

Deep Insight  

The element of within allows you to have a deep insight into your inner-self that has always been there unnoticed. When you try to know your true inner-self by seeing your ideas, thoughts, and belief system that are operating in the background of your mind, and they impact the choices and decisions that you’re making in your life. 

It’s wrong to say that we could even run away from the higher state of consciousness in our lives. In fact, we all try to access it in our day-to-day life. 

Higher State of consciousness

How to Access Higher State of Consciousness 

You can achieve and access the higher state of consciousness in two ways, and they’re as follows; 


You intentionally put your focus to access a certain part of the brain in order to create a space. Once you’re intentionally focused and have the space, that your mind requires stillness. However, you don’t have to sit still and meditate for hours in the earlier stages. You should start with 5 minutes, and then keep on increasing the time gradually. 


You should sit still intentionally, inhale/exhale deep breathes, and start the conversation with your higher consciousness, and focus on the things that your mind sees. However, do not judge or label anything, see things as they are. 

If you practice meditation daily, then you’ll observe that your mind connects with higher consciousness much quickly. It would sharpen your instinct and make you feel happy, and your mind starts to see things clearer. You would also realize the fact that your intuition about certain things is much stronger than before. 

Conclusion: What is Higher State of Consciousness? 

After an in-depth study of what is higher state of consciousness, the significance of higher consciousness, and how to access your higher self; we’ve realized that achieving a higher state of consciousness plays a significant role in our lives. If you want to access your inner-self, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned steps.