What is Karmic Relationship? Top Signs

 Perhaps you would have seen couples, partners, and relationships that are meant to be and born for each. But it doesn’t mean that they’re soulmates, and they may have a karmic relationship. Today, we’ll discuss what is karmic relationship; its top signs.

What is Karmic Relationship? 

A karmic relationship is a type of passionate relationship comprising turbulence and it’s very difficult to maintain it over time. It offers you lessons that you should learn about partnership, relationships, and love in your lifetime. We all have one such love relationships in our lives that push us to grow and develop in life. The whole process of a karmic relationship isn’t easy and it doesn’t sail smoothly.

It is completely different from other types of relationships like soulmates and twin flames. It comprises the connection of two souls, but it doesn’t have healing elements like twin flames and soulmates.

Spiritually speaking, the souls of karmic partners make an agreement of helping each other’s out in their respective journey long before your birth and entering into the world. It’s the only possible explanation that makes sense because they have got various unresolved issues from their current and previous life. The healing process could only start when people have an open attitude towards learning and growing.

If you look at it from this perspective, karmic relationships would serve as teachers and guides, but they’re usually are of short term and temporary. They assist you to grow at the soul level, and often it’s a difficult process. However, such relationships don’t have the intention of lasting for a long time. They enter our lives in order to balance out the bad experiences from our past lives and clear out the karma.

Signs of Karmic Relationship 

Some of the main signs of a karmic relationship are as follows;

Instant Connection

When you meet a person, then you should feel connected to him or her immediately. It makes you feel like you know this person somehow and feels good. At the same time, you have got odd feelings in terms of fear-relevant to karma.


Such types of relations comprise turbulence or tumultuous. If the initial stage of your relationship is dramatic and involves a lot of emotions and drama, then it would be karmic relationships. For instance, you’re experiencing the dramatic cycle of make-up and break-up repetitively, and it’s very difficult for you to avoid the whole situation. Healthy relationships don’t have drama and tabulating emotions.

Feel Off at Start

You would observe a lot of red flags and resisting blocks at the start of such relationships. If this is the case, then it has got a lot of lessons and learning experiences to teach you for your growth and development.


If you’re experiencing misunderstanding and it is making you feel frustrated and annoyed, then it is highly likely that relationships would be karmic. Such relationships won’t have the element of perfect union, and their focus is on growth and development.

Not Good to be Around

Somehow you would find their presence envious and heavy, and you won’t find and experience the calm and soothing feeling around them. Despite all the differences and unpleasant feelings, you can’t and don’t want to leave them.


Despite all the frustrating feelings, annoyance, inexplicable tension, and other issues; you would feel the connection addictive and it consumes you.


It’s such a relationship that involves a lot of miscommunication, push, and pull. The miscommunication would help you to see what you expect and value in the relationship; and the areas that need healing and require your attention.

High & Low

There is no such thing as consistency in such relationships. There may be days when everything seems perfect and you would feel great and wonderful. You know it in your heart that it’s just a matter of time before things go wrong. You can’t simply remain in one state for a long time.


The high and low mood swings keep on happening repetitively over and over again. It’s possible that you have had faced similar types of bad experiences issues in your previous life. However, it means that you have got a lot of lessons that require your attention and need learning.


Karmic partners and relationships have the capability to develop codependent and interdependent relationships very easily and quickly. It makes you realize that you don’t have a lot of other options, and give it a try in terms of all of your time and energy.

Focus on your Fears

Your karmic partners would focus on your fear and bring them to light in terms of relationship in general, your future, and love. Your past traumatic experience would come to light, and it makes you feel that you can’t run away from it.

Push your Worst Out

Karmic relationships have the extreme element in place and it is always on a roller coaster ride. It brings out the worst version in the heat of the moment. However, it is possible that you would become someone that you don’t recognize yourself or even like that version of you, especially in the company of that particular person.

Make you Exhausted

You’re on the ride of the roller coaster and experience a wide range of emotions and feelings like conflicts, tension, codependence, and miscommunication. It would make you feel exhausted emotionally, mentally, and energetically. It happens especially when you’re accompanying that person.

Can’t Let Go

People around you could feel the tension and conflict, but you keep on making excuses on behalf of your partner. It’s because you believe in the strength and closeness of your connection, and you believe in the union.

Won’t Last Long

When everything works out best, resolution of the conflicts, and completion of growth and development, then partners would move on in their lives.

Conclusion: What is Karmic Relationship? Signs 

After an in-depth study of what is karmic relationship; its top signs; we have realized that such relationships play a significant role in our lives. If you’re analyzing any of your relationships, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned signs.