What is Spiritual Awakening? Process & Signs

Spiritual awakening is the most alienating, lonely, and confusing journey that one has to go through. It offers you a unique and beautiful experience of life. However, spiritual awakening puts you on the path of spirituality, and it can happen at any time. Once it does, then it shakes everything up in your life. Today, we’ll discuss what is spiritual awaking, process/signs of spiritual awakening. 

Some people say spiritual awakening is the freedom of your soul; therefore, you have to listen to your inner self. If you avoid and refuse to listen to your inner calling, then your life would become a living graveyard. However, it’s very important that you have to look deep into your soul and heart and find the meanings behind it through symbols and signs. 

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening is the process when you start to question social limitations, habits, behavior, old beliefs and realizing that there’s more to life than society tells us. In a literal sense, it means waking up to life. 

You ask questions like; why are we here? What is our purpose? Is there life after death? Why are the good guys struggling in life? How are we connected to each other and nature? Who connects us? Spiritual awakening opens up the Pandora box of many other questions that we are scared to discuss because of the social and religious limitations. 

Spiritual awakening helps you to find the meaning/purpose of life, and you desire to search your higher self, divine, and cosmic power of the universe. 

What is the Process of Spiritual Awakening? 

It’s important to remember that the process of spiritual awakening is different for everyone. We’ve gathered here some common and general stages of the spiritual awakening process, and they’re as follows; 

Initiation & Unhappiness 

It all starts with unhappiness and un-satisfaction with life, depression, feeling alienation, disconnection, and confusion. It is like you don’t know what you’re searching for and are not sure what you want in life. However, you find a great emptiness inside of you. Some of the main triggering life crises are; major life changes, illness, trauma, death of close ones, divorce, break up, or others. 

Changing Perspective 

Such a life-changing crisis would change your perception, and you start seeing life from a different perspective. You begin to see the lies, deception, and delusions of society. The problems of the world would you feel hopeless, mentally disturbed, and unhappy with life. Life loses its charm to you, the way it was when you were unaware.

Query & Seeking Answers 

You start asking deep questions like; the meaning of life, spiritual destiny, the purpose of life, and all of these things should have any point. However, the metaphysical questions and the quest to find truthful answers put your focus on the spiritual search.

Quest & Experiencing Breakthrough 

After going through a lot of suffering and soul searching, you find peace in any of the belief systems, ritual practice, guru, or a spiritual teacher or guide. It would bring out your true self and the old patterns begin to dissolve. At this stage, you may experience glimpses of enlightenment into the ultimate reality of life. It’s a moment of awe, connecting your higher self, hope, and joy. 


Like life in general, spiritual awakening is also a process of ups and downs. It’s possible that you get tired and bored of your ritual practices and spiritual guide. You would like to directly go deeper into the soul search without wasting your time on the surface spiritual practices. The connection with divinity may seem very long, and the small separation would upset and disturb you. 

It’s a stage of various breakthroughs like spiritual, emotional, and mental, and the desire for deep and authentic spirituality would spread and transform you fully. The stagnation and unhappiness would compel you to dive deeper.

Work on yourself 

The spiritual philosophy of feeling good and surface practices would interest you anymore. The persistent pain inside of you would compel you to dive deeper. It would make you serious about rituals, mindfulness, inner child work, meditation, and shadow work. 


Integration is when you implement the spiritual lesson in your daily life that you have learned in your soul journey. Here you would experience great and long-lasting deep changes within yourself. It’s a stage of complete self-realization and uniting with the divine. Some would say that it’s the ultimate gift of life. 

Most importantly, it’s a stage of feeling joy, love, and peace. After going through all of these stages, you have a role model and are ready to guide others in their spiritual guide journey. Life is all about us, and not yourself alone. It would broaden your horizon, and you start seeing things from a bigger perspective. 

Not to Remember: 

It’s significant to mention it here that the abovementioned stages are not definite. The spiritual awakening is different for everybody. Some people would skip some of the stages, and the other would linger at every phase. It’s a unique process for everyone. 

Signs of Spiritual Awakening 

After discussing what is spiritual awakening and the process of spiritual awakening, it’s time to discuss the signs of spiritual awakening. Some of the main signs are as follows; 


You have strong feelings that we all are connected, but we can’t prove it physically. It could be spirit, thoughts, or beliefs impacting your perception that we all are the tiniest part of something big and majestic. The feeling and experience of oneness give your peace of mind. It may take a few months, years, or a lifetime to comprehend and adapt the concept of oneness. 

Unconditional Love 

You break down the barriers and restrictions of ego, and you love yourself and other people without judgment, conditions, and expectations. It reduces hatred, conflicts, and drama that is the result of ego. 

Curiosity & Wondering Feeling 

You pay attention to the small things like a puddle, kid’s smile, spider web, and falling leaf. They would make you feel happy, blissful, and joyful. You don’t ignore the beauty, wonder, and magic of life anymore. 


The spiritual awakening makes you keep observant, and you start to pay attention to the small signs of life. You start interacting with life through its omens and signs. Mystic experiences, serendipity, and déjà vu start increasing. 

High Intuition 

You listen to your inner voice, consciousness, and heart and let them guide and direct your decisions. The spirit guides you in any form like a spirit animal or any other spiritual helper. Most importantly, it allows you to uncover spiritual talents and trust your intuition and gut feelings. 

Want to know who you are

You have got so many questions in your mind like who I am, why I’m alive and on this planet, and what is my purpose here? Such questions compel you to read and research more on this topic and find out the purpose of your existence. 

Making the World a Better Place

It couldn’t be simpler than this that you want to make the world a better place. Your focus is on the bigger picture, and you want to make an impact by finding a purpose and helping other people out. 

Becoming Sensitive 

The spiritual awakening makes you feel sensitive, and the pain and energy impact you personally. The struggles of life become intense and difficult to bear. At this stage, you develop a connection with nature and animals and it makes you feel connected. 

Depression & Anxiety 

It would make you have depression and anxiety attacks. You may experience mentally unstable feelings because of the awakening shock and the fear of the unknown. 

Realizing your Negative Habits 

Once you realize the impact of your negative habits and destructive behavior. It makes you feel so bad that you want to start everything again. 

Curious to Know Truth

You hate duplicity and the fake mask of your old self, and you want to be authentic and truthful to yourself. Fake and pretending to be someone else makes you feel sick and disgusted. 

Leaving your Job 

Even though you have spent years getting degrees and building up your career, but you still feel emptiness. Your job and career do log fulfill your life purpose and you want more. 

Everything feels Shallow 

Whenever you get an opportunity to engage in conversation with other people, then you notice a few people comfortably talk about the meaning of life, emotion, and passion. Shallow and small talks don’t interest you anymore. However, you want to engage in the deep conversation, long to a lone wolf, and free your spirit. 

Want to be Alone 

You used to be an extrovert and highly social person. Now, introverts and solitude interest you and want to be lonely and enjoy the company of silence. Resultantly, you limit your social contacts and interaction with friends. 

Empathy & Compassion 

When you pay heed to the struggle of ordinary human beings, then it makes your heart compassionate. The awaken empathy in you would make it difficult to manage your intense feelings. It’s a very delicate point in your inner transformation phase; either you use drugs to manage the pain, or you find healthier ways to share your emotions. 

Purge Your Life

Hopelessness, depression, and loneliness make you feel so tired that you want to make your life simple. It would require you to make majors changes in your life; giving away your money, relocating to a new place, getting rid of old things, changing your habits, and cutting off relationships with toxic people. 

Realizing Unhappiness of People

The sufferings and unhappiness of people wake you up, and you studying the conditions of human beings. The realization of the worldwide pain of human beings torments you internally.  

The illusion of Social Setup

You lose interest in monetary profit, success, and materialism. All of the social norms make you feel like an instrument of the social machine. 

Feeling Lost & Lonely 

The ordinary daily routine life doesn’t make any sense to you. Like a vagabond, you cut yourself off from people and start wandering here and there. It’s very difficult for you to relate yourself to your close people like friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. 

Knowing Lies you were fed

The most important realization is the values, feelings, and beliefs that you learned aren’t your own. People inherited those beliefs from society and the culture. 

Asking Deep Questions 

You ask questions like why we are here, the purpose of our life, life after death, and the reason for the suffering of people. When you don’t find any reliable answer to such philosophical questions, then it makes you feel disturbed

Meaning & Purpose 

Out of all the questions, the most important is to find the purpose of life in this life. Truth is that you don’t know the purpose of your life, and then it makes you feel like something is missing in your life. 

False Life

When you couldn’t find any satisfactory answer, then everything you believed in is based on a false perception. The ideas, values, and beliefs aren’t yours. However, it’s the realization that you don’t belong anywhere. 

Conclusion: What is spiritual awakening? Process/signs of spiritual awakening 

After an in-depth study of what is spiritual awakening, process/signs of spiritual awakening, we’ve concluded that spiritual awakening is an exciting and confusing soul journey. Studying the process and signs of spiritual awakening would help you to be on the right track.