What is Spiritual Growth?

 There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings relevant to spiritual growth and spiritual development. People usually associate spiritual development with religion as living your life according to the religious doctrine and following the path of God, which is far from the truth. Today, we’ll discuss what is spiritual growth; the journey of self-discovery, and tips for practicing and achieving spiritual growth. 

Some people would give an example of their spiritual development and link it with religious pursuit. The S growth would be in terms of being aware of your consciousness and transcending to the level of realizing your mind and what you are. 

What is Spiritual Growth? 

Spiritual growth synonymously goes by many names like higher consciousness, higher awareness, spiritual development, or personal growth and development. We can spiritual growth is the process of combining spirituality of the higher degree in our lives. 

The process of spiritual growth makes you aware of your own inner being and inner spirit which has always been there but hidden under the ego of your personality. It deals with knowing the universal truth, raising the consciousness beyond everyday life, and awakening yourself inner-self.

In simple words, we can say that it means moving beyond the ego of your mind and recognizing who you are as a person. 

  • Spiritual growth plays a significant role in everyone’s life regardless of one’s field and profession 
  • It leads you to live a harmonious life with yourself and the people around you, free from anxiety, stress, fear, and tension 
  • It helps to focus on yourself and don’t let people and external circumstances impact your state of mind
  • Most importantly, it guides you to detach yourself, realize the strength of your inner-self, and these are very important tools for everyone’s life. 

Spiritual growth doesn’t mean that you have to start acting weirdly, running away from your responsibilities, and become an unreasonable person. In fact, it helps you to become a responsible person, happy, joyful, and stronger. 

Journey towards Self-Discovery 

Spiritual growth and spiritual development also mean approaching and connecting with your soul. It offers you a technique to live a happy and harmonious life with yourself and the people around you, recognize your own strengths, and taking responsibility for your actions. 

This journey towards self-discovery requires a bit of solitude and lonely time to gather your thoughts. It doesn’t mean that you would have to live a secluded life thousands of miles away from civilization in order to know yourself. However, it simply means that you work on yourself in order to grow and live a balanced life both in terms of your physical body, mind, and soul. 

What is spiritual growth and personal development.

Tips for practicing Spiritual Growth 

After discussing what is spiritual growth and the journey towards self-discovery, it’s time to discuss the tips for practicing and achieving spiritual growth. Some of the main tips are as follows; 

Spiritual Books 

If you study of spiritual journey stories of those people that have through a similar process, then it amplifies your spirit. It makes you learn from their path and improve your spiritual journey. 


We are living in the world of digital media and technology. The notifications, alert messages, and so much information keep our minds busy. In such a busy and hectic life, it’s important to take a break and meditate. Meditation helps you to achieve peace of mind and grow your inner self. 

Higher Energy 

You should focus on your thoughts and imagination and try to find what makes you feel alive and boosts your higher conscious energy. It all starts with a perception of considering yourself a spiritual being rather than a body with a spirit. When you do that, then it has a positive impact on your life. 

Calm down 

You should implement meditation techniques into your life in order to calm down your thoughts and energy. It would require you to have some quiet time, focus on your thoughts, and learn to be mindful. 

Positive Attitude 

Life is not all about roses and butter, and it certainly won’t be smooth. There are going to be ups and downs in your life. But you should learn to have a positive attitude in your life, and don’t let your mind drain into negativity. It means that you should be aware of your thoughts and make a conscious decision to be positive. 

Look inside of you

When you practice being mindful and aware of your thoughts, then you would learn that the external circumstances don’t have control over the mind. It’s you who is in complete control of your moods and behavior. At this stage, you would realize that the view of other people won’t matter to you. You’ll be patient and tolerant towards the people around you. 

Choose to be Happy 

You should develop a habit to always look at the bright side of things and enjoy the little happy and fun moments in life. When you do that, then it would make you feel happy. You have to remember one fact that it is only you that can make you feel happy, it’s in you, and no one else.

It would only happen when you don’t allow negative thoughts to change your mood, and not letting external circumstances change your internal mood. 

Will Power 

You should develop a habit of practicing willpower and making small decisions in your life. Especially those choices and decision that is relevant to your personality. It would give a sense of control over your mind and strengthen your energy. 

Being Grateful 

You should be grateful for everything you have and own in your life; and remember the fact that life is not comparison and a chase. It’s not the external things that can make you feel happy, it’s you that can make you feel happy. 

Patience & Tolerance 

When you develop the habit to be patient and tolerant; then it would make you a better person and increase your conscious awareness. 

Conclusion: What is Spiritual Growth? 

After an in-depth study of what is spiritual growth; we’ve realized that spiritual growth plays a significant role in our personal development. However, if you are on the journey of spiritual development; then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips in your life.