What is Spiritual Power? How to Find Yours

The pain, suffering, troubles, and difficulties of life that we experience in our lives aren’t necessary, you can finish them. You can cultivate new ways of thinking to change your perception and thinking. Human beings have the inborn characteristic of peace and happiness. Today, we’ll discuss what is spiritual power; and how to find your spiritual power.

What is Spiritual Power? 

Spiritual power doesn’t have the traits and characteristics of worldly powerful people. In fact, the path and journey towards spiritual power comprise acceptance, forgiveness, humility, and surrender. From the materialistic perspective, power means dominance and manipulation of people and controlling the circumstance of life in order to achieve benefits. Ego won’t be on your side if you want to do good for everyone.

People consider strong traits like patience, trusting, devout, selflessness, and giving feminine. Usually, saints and mothers have such traits. When you accept this type of strength, then you believe in the fact that you can have power without control, domination, and aggression.

Now, the question is the feminine aspect of the personality has got real power or not; and the answer is yes. The ego mindset has had great control for a very long time, but the real power is on the side of spirituality. It’s up to you now to tap into it, and the real power comes from within you. No one can stop you if you have discovered its true source.

How to Find Your Spiritual Power 

Let’s discuss how to find your spiritual power;

Moment of Peace

When you take a deep breath in the quiet moment, hold it inside, and smile, then you contribute a little drop of peace into the pond of the world. It becomes a lake and ocean of peace drop by drop. You should add a little drop of peace into the world whatever you can.

Peace or Inner Strength

If you ask people what they’re looking for in life, then they would say that they want spiritual power or inner strength. When you dig down to the surface, then you would realize that what they need is peace in order to manage their internal negativity. However, they don’t know how to have the spiritual strength to perform these activities.

Soft Power

Worldly power means to control and dominance, and you can call it hard power. On the other hand, spiritual power falls under the category of soft power. It comprises of power of forgiveness, offering compassion, humility, and love. Good deeds and virtues could only influence the spiritual power and not the force. It has the powers of transformation and uplifting. However, the thing that helps you to move forward on the spiritual journey is asking questions.

Questions to Ask

You should ask yourself questions like powerful sources in your life, views of others or your emotions, recycling of your past thoughts, analyzing the current situation, the significance of your spiritual power, or sense of self-value. If you do not take the time out for the growth of your spiritual power, then your mind keeps on wandering.

Self Evaluation

Self-evaluation won’t take a lot of your time. For instance, if you are feeling bad, then what thoughts are making you feel this way? If you are feeling good, happy, and joyful, then what thoughts are making you feel like this?

Happiness is a very powerful state of mind and emotions; you can keep on working for hours and won’t feel exhausted. If you’re feeling unhappy and upset, the energy is left in your body. However, thoughts that empower are the thoughts of forgiveness, compassion, and love. Thoughts that drain out all of your energy are negativity, fear, and anger.

Clarity of Mind

Your life happens in your mind and your mind is also the venue of your life. You should make your mind a sacred space like a crystal clear bowl of water. When your mind is in its original state, then it’s pure, calm, clear, and still.


Meditation has a very powerful impact on your mind and body. In the meditative state of mind, you see, hear, react, and develop things the way you want. You create your life step by step the way you want them to be.

Conclusion: What is Spiritual Power? How to Find Yours 

After an in-depth study of what is spiritual power and how to find your spiritual power; we have realized that it’s completely different from worldly powers. If you’re working on achieving the powers of spirituality, then you should follow and practice the abovementioned tips in your life.