What is Toxic Soul Tie? Signs, How to Break Unhealthy Soul Tie

The soulful tie is a strong emotional, intimate, physical, and spiritual connection between two partners. It makes them feel that they have known each other throughout their whole life, even though they have just met. However, if the soulful ties are unhealthy, they can disturb a person’s life to a great extent. Today, we’ll discuss what is toxic soul tie or unhealthy soul tie; its main signs, and how to break it.

What is Toxic Soul Tie? 

An unhealthy and toxic soul tie is usually the consequence of having a partner with that you have established a lifelong relationship through physical intercourse. The nature of such an unhealthy relationship is only temporary and short-term. After ending the relationship, the connection or bond of the soulful tie remains; it makes sexual partners desiring for wholeness.

The toxic soul tie happens because of three mains reasons, and they’re as follows;

  • They have a misconception that sexual intercourse is only physical without having an emotional and spiritual element in it. After the physical intercourse, they mystery and desire the person that they don’t even like.
  • Some people (usually women) give their bodies to other people for sexual intercourse hoping that it would develop an emotional bond and committed relationship. But they realize that their partner is only taking advantage of them. As a result, they develop a connection with a person that they hate and resent.
  • Some people get themselves involved in marriage and committed relationships without realizing it; they enjoy their sexual life, and then they break up. They don’t acknowledge the fact that they have hurt each other’s souls so much.

Signs of Toxic Soul Tie 

Some of the main signs of toxic soul tie or unhealthy soulful ties are as follows;


It usually happens when a person breaks up with you but you have got feelings for them. The type of feelings and emotional connection you have for the other person, the other person doesn’t feel the same way. They won’t give up when you are looking for them. In such a case, you get professional help to let go of such a person and move on in your life.

One-sided soulful ties connection results in the form of stalking and obsessive behaviors. It puts you in a vulnerable position and the other person could manipulate you easily.

Sacrificing your Wellbeing

If the soulful tie is one-sided, then you’re willing to sacrifice your safety and your own peace to keep them around. You would console yourself with excuses like it’s necessary to take the risk for your feelings.

You would lose your own identity in the relationship gradually over a period of time. Your focus is on meeting and satisfying the needs of the other person, and not yours.

Thinking about Them after They’ve Gone

Even after knowing the fact that the person has broken up with you and doesn’t want you in their life. You’re always thinking about them like how they’re doing, where they are, and dreaming about them. It’s possible that you would ask yourself how they would perform various that you used to do for them. Instead, you should what they would do if they were in the same situation as you are right now.

Can’t Move One

After the breakup and end of the relationship, you can’t seem to get them out of your head. You are always checking out their social media activity. You would still feel a soulful connection with your partner even after the relationship is over. However, you would keep on comparing them with other people in yourself; imagine what they would think or say about you. It is difficult for you to find happiness with other people.

How to Break Toxic Soul Tie 

Some of the main steps on how to break toxic soul ties or unhealthy soulful ties are as follows;

Acknowledge Toxicity Exists

It is like any other type of addiction; breaking up with the unhealthy soulful ties connection is like defeating addiction. You should acknowledge the negative impact of such a relationship on your life. It would be highly difficult and painful for you to accept the fact that they aren’t good for you.

Removing All Signs

You should throw away, donate, and get rid of all of such things that remind you of them or they have given you. It comprises pictures and selfies of both of you together, you should delete all both physical and digital copies. You should make sure to block them on social media accounts and their cell numbers as well.

Visualize Breaking Up

You should take a deep breath and visualize breaking up with and getting yourself free from them. How free your soul would be if they aren’t there in your life.

Ask Higher Power to Give You Strength

It doesn’t matter whatever belief system you’re following; you should pray and ask the higher powers to give you strength to get rid of the influence of the unhealthy soulful ties. Your intuition and the higher powers would give you the energy to fight the negative influence of such people in your life. Finally, you should call them and break up with them.

Get Professional Help

Breaking up with your soulful ties connection is a difficult and painful experience. You should make sure that you have got the professional therapeutic help you to get through such a phase in your life. Your therapist would help you to regain self-esteem and self-confidence back into your life.

Practice Forgiveness

You should practice forgiveness by forgiving yourself and the other person; it would allow you to heal yourself. As long as you keep hatefulness and resentment in yourself, then you can’t be fully healed.

Conclusion: What is Toxic Soul Tie? Signs, How to Break Unhealthy Soul Tie 

After an in-depth study of what is toxic soul tie; its signs, and how to break the unhealthy soulful tie; we have realized that toxic soulful ties could badly disturb your mental and physical health. If you’re experiencing its signs, then you should get therapeutic help as soon as you can.