What is True Love? Traits & Sings

Hopeless romantics and cynics say that finding your truest soulmate exists only in the stories and books, but not in real life. Others say that finding your loving partner and establishing a lasting relationship is possible. Today, we’ll discuss what is true love; its characteristics, and its signs.

What is True Love?

True love is feelings of desire, passion, tenderness, warmth, and unconditional sentiments. Whether you’re going through a good time or a bad time, your feelings and emotions won’t change. However, the exact feelings and emotions are indescribable in words.

Characteristics of True Love 

Some of the main traits and characteristics of true love in order to understand its nature are as follows;


There’s no such thing as that one person loves the other person more, it’s completely equal. However, it’s not equal, then variation would be so insignificantly small that either of the partners won’t observe it or pay heed on it.

One Completes You

True love is all about looking for the person that completes your soul. It could be in the form of sharing interests and passion that you never had before. Working together in a team is more impactful rather working alone separately.

Completeness isn’t about perfection. True intimacy is about knowing the weaknesses and flaws of your partner and then accepting him/her. Your partner would focus on your strengths and encourage them in order to make you better, and that’s how true love completes you.

Waves like feelings

It doesn’t matter however stressful and chaotic the environment and circumstances you’re feeling and going through in your life. Everything would go away when you’ve your true partner by your side. The big troubles and challenges of life would seem small and insignificant when you’re together with your loving partner.

Last Forever

Things, circumstances, and people change and come and go in your life, but your true loving partner stays with your forever. You can’t stop thinking about your loved one if he’s away. That person may only exist in your heart, and not there for you physically in person. If you haven’t expressed your feelings to your loved one, then you should when you get to meet him/her.

Seeing Soul of partner

When you’re in contact with your loving partner in terms of holding hands or making eye contact, then it makes you feel that you can read the soul of your partner and know him/her fully. Sometimes, you give a little space to your partner whenever he/she needs it as a kind gesture. You try to lift the spirit and morale of your partner when one is feeling bad. True intimacy and affection are optimistic and encouraging.

No bad Intentions

There’s no space for envious feelings, only goodness and encouragement in true love. When you have got the spark and connection, then it would be difficult for you to wait and remain patient. You should consider waiting, instead of settling for something less than you deserve.

Signs of True Love 

The question is now how to know whether you have found your true love or not. Some of the top signs are as follows;

Familiar with Friends & Family

When the relationship is honest, then they don’t keep things secrets from each other partners like introducing you to their friends and family members. It’s to make your partner accepted by your loved ones and close ones. However, when they do accept it, then it means that the relationship is serious and heading in some direction.


When people are very close and intimate with each other, then they try to surprise their partners with treats and gifts as a gesture of affection. It only happens when your loved partner is in your mind all the time. However, when you see something interesting and pleasing, then you think of sharing it with your partner.


Love demands sacrifices and compromises on certain things. There’s no such thing as a 100% true match. For instance, if your partner loves certain types of movies that you hate, and if he/she wants you to accompany them while watching, then you should. It means that you’re sacrificing your likeness for your partner’s happiness, and your partner is doing the same things for you.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

The expression of love through action is more powerful than just expressing it verbally. It means that your loved partner would do something if she/he says it. Most importantly, actions support your verbal description of love.


We all have interests, passion, friends, and family members. While having everyone by your side, you give time to your beloved partner. It shows your priority, loyalty, and commitment to the person you love deeply.


Beloved partners have mutual feelings of growth, development, and supporting each others’ goals and objectives. Both partners support the growth and independence of each other.

Resolving Issues

Unlike other loved partners and couples, you don’t leave issues unresolved. You try to address all the conflicts and problems in your relationship. However, when partners communicate and discuss things, then it makes their relationship stronger.

Caring Attitude

Loved partners expect the best version from each other, and they have flexible, cordial, and affectionate feelings. Both partners take care of each others’ needs, and they consider their partner’s needs before them.


Loved partners don’t keep things to each other. They have an open, sharing, and communicative relationship, and they discuss things with each other whatever they have in their mind. They know that their partner won’t judge them for their thoughts and ideas.


Loved partners love and cherish each other’s company. When they’re together, it makes them feel at home. However, time flies when they’re together, and you impatiently wait for the next meeting.


It’s better if loved partners give each other a little space, but it happens only in ideal relationships. When loved partners are closely attached to each other, then they consider them a very important part of their lives. They make future plans that include their partner.

Keeping Promises

Loved partners keep promises to each other, if they can’t keep them, then they don’t make such promises. Love and affection develop a very strong moral conscience in them.

Not Inflicting Pain

Truly loved partners only think of kindness, and they don’t consider inflicting pain (both physical and emotional) on their partner. They have selfless emotions and feelings. However, actions in revenge fall in the category of exceptions.

Appropriate Endeavor

The relationship is the top priority in the minds of true lovers, and their focus is always on making the relationship work by every means necessary.

Hurt & Annoyance

It’s very hurtful when your beloved partner annoys you, but the loved partners don’t annoy each other. You can’t be mad at them for a long time if any of their actions annoy or irritate you.

Conclusion: What Is True Love? Traits & Signs 

After an in-depth study of what is true love; its traits and signs, we’ve realized that affection relationship is possible and exist in today’s world. If you observe any of those signs in your relationship, then it means your intimacy and affection are honest.