What to Do When Your Ex Comes Back – Guidelines 

You are doing your routine work and you receive a text from your ex that they want to talk to you either online or offline in person. It baffles your mind for a moment and you don’t know what to say or how to reply to them. Today, we’ll discuss step-by-step guidelines on what to do when your ex comes back.

What to Do When Your Ex Comes Back – Guidelines 

Some of the key guidelines on what to do when your ex comes back, and are as follows;

Beware of Its Impact

It could be anything like reconciliation, rebound, hooking up, or an offer for friendship or something else. It is significant to know how the communication would go and how it would impact you both mentally and emotionally. Since the relationship has broken, then you are under no obligation to respond to them if you don’t want.

If you think that contacting them and meeting with them would reignite the old wounds, it would jeopardize your peace of mind. You should decide based on your emotional well beings and how it would make you feel, and avoid their feelings.

Emotions of Your New Partner

If you are still single and have got no partner, then you can respond to your ex whenever you are ready. But if you see someone, then you should keep in mind their feelings and emotions and how contacting your ext would impact them and make them feel. Let’s image how you would feel if your partner is in contact with their ex.

Reply Patiently

When it comes to replying to your ex, you should take your time and reply to them when you are feeling good and ready to talk to them. You don’t need to respond to them immediately. If you haven’t been in contact with your ex, then talking to them would cause a strong emotional reaction in you like anger, fear, sadness, or joyfulness. While communicating with them, you should take your time to answer them.

Light Reply

While communicating with your ex, you should keep your answers and replies simple and light especially when you don’t know their intentions. For instance, if your relationship was but ended due to bad timing and other circumstances, then communicating with them and replying to them is the right move. Many experts suggest that you should keep your response light and open-ended to gather more information about their intentions.

Avoid Rushing

It doesn’t matter how you would like to take the communication further, but you should avoid rushing into things. You may end up becoming friends with your ex, getting back with them, or something else; whatever you decide but avoid rushing into replying or deciding. Rushing up would aggravate the situation and make the situation out of your control. If you are developing friendship and reconnecting with your ex, then you should set clear boundaries about dos and don’ts.

Be Honest and Open

It doesn’t matter how the conversation goes and how you would like to take things further, but you should be open and honest with your responses and your plans. It is to make sure that both parties are on the same page with their clear position and standing.

Careful of On/Off Relationship

You should avoid getting into and off relationships. Many research studies have proven that on-and-off relationships aren’t good for your mental health and overall well-being of your health. After the break up if you are getting yourself into the repetitive cycle of on-and-off relationships, then it won’t give you the love and cherish that you want.

Get Back With a Solid Reason

If your ex wants you back and gets back together, then make sure that you get back to them based on the terms that you like. But it all depends on how your earlier relationship with your ex went. For instance, you broke up because your relationship was going through some difficult time and you needed time to process things in your life, but you both are in a better position right now. Once you both are in a healthy state of mind, then you can easily face the challenges of life.

Clear Communication

If your ex has contacted you because they want you back and have got feelings for you, but you don’t care about them and have got no feelings for them. In such a case, you should be clear about your replies and avoid giving them the impression that they have a chance with you. If your ex wants you back, then you should pull away immediately and focus on the person that you are dating currently.

Avoid Expecting Much from Closure

One of the common reasons your ex came back into your life is because they are looking for closure and want to clarify things. But the reality is that the only person that can give you closure is you and time, and no one else. Sometimes, your ex doesn’t even know why they came back and they want to talk to you without any reason.

Conclusion: What to Do When Your Ex Comes Back – Guidelines 

After an in-depth study of step-by-step guidelines on what to do when your ex comes back into your life; we have realized that dealing with your ex is a very subtle art. If you’re going through a similar situation in your life, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned guidelines.