What to Do When Your Husband Calls You Names 

If your husband calls you names like fat, lazy, idiot, fool, and others to make you feel less, then you should remain calm and don’t react to it. You should know whether you feel safe and secure in such a controlling and abusive relationship. It is significant to know your self-worth in the relationship. Today, we’ll discuss what to do when your husband calls you names.

What to Do When Your Husband Calls You Names – Tips 

Some of the main tips on what to do when your husband calls you names are as follows;

Remain Calm

When your husband says something insulting, belittling, rude, and harsh, then you should remain calm and don’t take it personally. You should take a deep breath, inhale and exhale. For instance, you can say that you need to take a break after listening to his comments and remarks.

Take a Moment Before Reacting

After listening to his comments and remarks, it is natural response to become defensive and upset and respond with anger. It is significant to keep in mind that replying to him back with anger would result in the form of more arguments and frustration. You should remain calm and take a moment and think carefully before responding to the situation. For instance, you can say that he has been making you feel bad, but you won’t allow him to hurt you.

Talk & No Argument

Instead of playing the blame game and taking the conversation to the arguments, you should recognize what is causing the conflict. You should engage in a calm and healthy conversation, rather than exchanging hateful remarks and comments. It is significant to observe whether your husband is openly discussing difficult subjects or not. It would help you to analyze whether you can resolve the difficult issues of your marriage or not.

Know Your Worth

You are the one to define your self-esteem and self-confidence level, and no one has control over your mind. You don’t need the approval of your husband to define your self-worth and how you should feel about yourself. However, you should engage in self-affirmation activities that would boost your self-esteem and self-confidence level.

Set Your Goals

It doesn’t matter what your husband says, and you don’t have to take his remarks personally. You should set your life goals and objectives like losing weight, passing the driving test, running every day, doing the household chores on time, career, and professional goals and objectives. It is important to avoid the negative remarks and comments of your husband, and not let them get into your mind. You should set such objectives that would bring happiness into your life.

Self Care

Negative remarks and comments upset your mind mentally; when you are upset mentally, it would impact your physical health. Therefore, you shouldn’t allow negative energy to sneak into your mind. Instead, you should remain calm and think positively and generate positive energy, rather than becoming swayed by the negative comments of your husband. In short, you should take care of yourself, eat a balanced diet, have 8 hours of sleep daily, and connect with positive people.

Find Pattern of His Name Calling

It is significant to recognize the pattern of his negative remarks and observe whether they are belittling you and making you feel down. After listening to his remarks, you should know whether you feel ashamed of yourself, discouraged, and a little less about yourself. If the negative remarks have become a pattern, they aren’t good for your mental and physical health.

Your Respect in Relationship

Respect is more significant than love in the relationship among partners. You should observe whether your husband considers you equal to him or not, and whether he gives you enough respect that you give it to him or not. When your husband respects you, then he would trust you with various things.

Signs of Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse comprises treating you with disrespect, humiliation, controlling, and manipulating behavior. The abuser would always make you feel bad and guilty, and they always have an excuse for their behavior. If you analyze your relationship, then your husband would have always humiliated, embarrassed, isolated, and threatened you in the relationship.


If you are having communication issues with your husband; your conversation always results in the form of conflicts and arguments. In such a case, you should see a therapist that would help to improve the quality of the relationship and resolve the conversation issues.

Friends & Family

You should connect with your friends and family members which would improve self-esteem and self-confidence level. It is significant to know and recognize your true friends in your social circle that are there for you when you need them.

Conclusion: What to Do When Your Husband Calls You Names – Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips on what to do when your husband calls you names; we have realized that verbal abuse has a very bad impact on your mental and physical health. If you are dealing with such a partner, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and guidelines.