What to Do When Your Husband is Controlling –Tips 

If you are in a relationship with a controlling partner, then it would make your life miserable and a living hell. You want to work things out and make your relationship to work, but the cost of living with the controlling partner is very high. Today, we’ll discuss the signs and tips on what to do when your husband is controlling.

Signs of a Controlling Husband 

Some of the main signs of a controlling husband are as follows;

  • Not believing in you and stalking you
  • Jeopardizing your self-esteem and self-confidence level
  • Rejecting your point of view without listening
  • Loves you unconditionally based on his terms and condition
  • Emotionally blackmailing
  • Over-emphasis on the finances
  • Become jealous when you receive admiration
  • Separate yourself from your friends and family
  • Criticize your activities outside of marriage
  • Manipulating you in whatever he wants

What to Do When Your Husband is Controlling –Tips 

Some of the main tips when your husband is controlling are as follows;

Remain Calm

You can’t argue with such control freaks. If you do argue with them, they could easily get on your nerves and make you accept their unreasonable demands that you hate. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. But there is another strategy, and that is to remain calm and ask him quietly whether he has understood your point of view or not. However, the dominant controlling husbands don’t respond well when you treat them the same way they treat you.

Find Underlying Reason

In order to deal with the controlling husband, it is significant to know the reason behind his controlling and dominating nature. It may have happened because of a number of reasons like the influence of controlling parents, traumatic experiences, childhood abuse, or any other type of events that have made them not love. The first step to dealing with a controlling husband is to understand the reason behind their nature; you can make them uncontrolling with empathy and love.

Talk to Him Directly

Once you recognize the problem, then you know the reason behind their controlling nature. It is significant to talk to them that their dominating nature is jeopardizing the marriage and the relationship. It would make them angry when you remind them of their nature because many controlling people don’t know their controlling nature. You should calmly and quietly talk to them, and they won’t change their nature overnight, but communicating is the first step.

Own Your Life

You can easily lose control over your life when your husband is constantly judging your every move. Many women stop doing things that may upset their husbands, and gradually they lose control over their life. In order to regain control over your life, you should start doing the things that you love and stop caring about the likeness and approval of your husband.

Connect with Your Loved Ones

It doesn’t matter how much your husband hates your friends and family members, but you should remain connected with your friends and family members. Whenever you find an opportunity, then you should definitely visit friends and family members that love and support you. In order to stop your husband from making your life a living hell, you should remain connected with positive people. If he makes objections, you should tell him why you need to see your friends and family members.

Ask For Help

If you are fearful of the controlling nature of your husband; the abuse doesn’t always have to be physical, it could be psychological, mental, and verbal abuse. If he doesn’t listen to you and becomes violent with whatever you say, then you should confide these things with your friends and family members.

Setting Boundaries

You should calmly talk to your husband and make him realize his controlling, and tell him that you won’t take it anymore. It is significant to set some boundaries and make him realize the consequences if he breaks them. Things won’t change in the relationship unless he makes changes in his behavior and attitude.

Not Accepting His Control

Taking control back into your life is easier said than done. You have to make intentional efforts and take control of your life step by step. For instance, if you are relying on him financially, then you should have a job. Your financial independence would improve your self-esteem and self-confidence level. You should stand up for yourself if your husband belittles you and criticize you.

Therapeutic Approach

If talking to your husband about his controlling nature and setting boundaries aren’t making any impact on your husband. In such a case, you should get professional help to fix your marriage and relationship. Couples therapy and couples counseling are great therapeutic approaches to fixing various types of problems in the relationship.

Standup & Leave

There is no point in staying in a toxic relationship and toxic husband that is jeopardizing your peace of mind. It doesn’t matter how committed you are to your vows, but you should give top priority to your mental and physical health. However, getting away from your controlling husband would only mean that you survived.

Conclusion: What to Do When Your Husband is Controlling –Tips 

After an in-depth study of tips and signs on what to do when your husband is controlling; we have realized that taking control over your life in a toxic relationship is not easy. If you are dealing with a controlling partner, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned tips and signs.