What Women Want in a Relationship – Top 10 Wants

When it comes to developing the relationship, then it is significant to beware of your needs and wants. In a vast majority of relationships, men and women don’t fully open up to one another. The reason women don’t express themselves is that is because they believe that men aren’t providing them enough of what they need, and they feel disappointed. Today, we’ll discuss the top wants and wishes of what women want in a relationship.

What Women Want in a Relationship – Top 10 Wants

Some of the top 10 want to the question of “what women want in a relationship” are as follows;

Reliable Partner

Ups and downs, and good and bad times come and go in life. Women are aware of their capabilities, and the type of things they can and can’t avoid. However, when they are going through a difficult time, they want to know and make sure that they can count on their men. When a man plans to do something for her, but he doesn’t do it, then she would lose a piece of trust and confidence in him. She won’t trust him if small incidents of distrust keep on piling on.


Women want admiration and appreciation for their role in the relationship. It is significant to express your love to your beloved and tell her that you appreciate her contribution to the relationship and the things she does for you. Your relationship would be in great jeopardy if you are avoiding your partner. Admiring and appreciating your partner do the opposite, and it allows you to attract her towards you.

Feel Desired

Sexual intimacy is a common element among all types of relationships, and it makes a major difference among partners in the relationship. Women want to make sure that their man has the desire for them and appreciates their feminine side. Therefore, you should appreciate her body, and appearance, and hold her affectionately.


Women would only open up and become relaxed when they feel loved and their man loves them. Without feeling loved in the relationship by their man, it would result in the form of arguments and various other conflicts among partners. For instance, if she doesn’t want you to accompany your friends and she is concerned about it, the argument you have with her would be brief, but it would have a deeper impact on the relationship.

Feel Heard & Seen

Open communication is one of the most important elements in a relationship. They want their man to observe and hear her about the emotional state she is going through. However, it doesn’t mean that she wants you to feel and experience the same pain, but rather acknowledge her state of mind. For instance, if you are sitting across the table from her, and you won’t notice and feel her emotional state of mind, then she won’t trust you. It is because she thinks that if you can’t see and feel her pain, then how you would help her?


Women face the challenge of safety, sexuality, and self-esteem issues throughout their lives. In the world of social media, the internet, and technology, they may receive a lot of unwanted disempowering messages online. They need a safe space where they can openly express themselves without feeling threatened. The greatest gift you can ever give to a woman is to give her a safe space where she can freely share her sexuality and emotional state of mind.

Sharing Vulnerabilities

Along with providing her with safe space and giving her strength, women would highly appreciate it when you offer them a glimpse into your insecurities and weaknesses. It is no doubt that they are aware of your strengths, but letting them know about your weaknesses makes you feel human and that they can relate to you easily.

Linking Emotions & Words

Women want their partners to understand the meaning and the emotional state of mind behind words, and not just the verbal meaning of the words. You should know whether she is feeling silly, giggly, anxious, excited, or frustrated. The communication style of women is much more than just words and verbal, and you should pay attention to what she wants to say.

Constructive Fight

Conflicts and arguments happen in every relationship, but what you draw from those fights matters. It is significant to know whether you are drawing something constructive out of those fights, or you are just drawing anger and frustration. However, she wants a man that won’t blindly follow her to avoid fights and arguments, but rather a man that would make her feel comfortable to share her views.

Experimenting New Things

In order to keep your relationship fresh and exciting, it is important that you should keep on experimenting with new things in the relationship. It could be in the form of going on a road trip, vacation, or any other fun and exciting activity that would make you feel enthusiastic.

Conclusion: What Women Want in a Relationship – Top 10 Wants

After an in-depth study of the top 10 wants what women want in a relationship; we have realized that building a relationship requires a lot of effort and investment of your time. If you are wondering what women want in a relationship, then you should study the abovementioned wants and wishes.