Why Do Men Cheat? – Top 10 Reasons 

Anyone can cheat for various reasons, men or women both equally. Usually, it’s a general perception that men have more tendencies to cheat on their partners than women. If you want proof, then consider that it’s not a coincidence that 37 million actives of Ashley Madison were males. A study by YouGov Poll showed that 21% of the men and 19% of the women admitted to cheating on their partners. Today, we’ll discuss the top reasons why do men cheat?

Is it the “Y” chromosomes among males that make them be an idiot and cheat on their partners or something else? Or it is some sort of psychological complication that makes them do that. However, there is always a reason or multiple reasons behind the actions of people. People don’t just wake up one day and say that they’re going to cheat on their partner. As they say that things are complicated in love and lust.

Why Do Men Cheat? – Top 10 Reasons 

In the light of relationship expert views; we have gathered the top ten reasons why men cheat. They’re as follows;

Ex Comes Back

Whenever your ex comes back in the picture, it creates conflicts in your heart and mind. It’s one such reason that doesn’t get old. However, it usually happens when your existing relationship is going through a rough patch, and you lean back on the shoulder of your ex.

When your ex-partner comes back into the picture; it would reignite the spark that you once had. In this state, you are likely to avoid all the good things about your current relations. You would forget all the bad things about your ex-partners that led you to break up in the first place. Usually, the whole situation is disastrous that would lead to one thing after another.

Wants Out

When things are going over the head of the guy, he is just baffled and doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t have the courage and confidence to confront his partner and tell him what he wants. However, the other relevant reason people cheat is that he doesn’t the energy to move along with the change, or the change is so quick that they are reluctant to accept it.

It’s the inner stimuli or impetus that makes them cheat and get out of the relationship because they find it difficult to get out otherwise. It’s something that he has to do, instead of letting their partner.

Poor Judgment

If guys aren’t happy with their current relationship and partner, they would put themselves in a situation where infidelity would likely happen. For instance, you agree to have fun with your colleague or friend at the bar and keep on having tequila shots. You would find the company of the cute bartender or some other woman.

The committed and satisfied people with their partners and relationships won’t put themselves in such situations where things would likely go wrong. If the guy keeps on engaging in such situations and putting himself in such scenarios, then it means things aren’t well. However, the result of infidelity is not a secret; people know very well when you cheat on your partner.

Needs Aren’t Met

When I say need, I surely mean the need for physical intimacy or sexual intercourse. It is something that fades away when partners are together for a very long time. For instance, your partner hasn’t noticed your new haircut and someone else noticed it and complimented you for it. Things would start going from there.

Partners and couples have been fighting for weeks, and he wants to smile and share laughter with someone. He feels that his wife or girlfriend is neglecting him. However, it doesn’t matter whatever reason is causing the emotional disconnect, things would start drifting away. Instead of fixing the main problem, guys start comparing things like my wife doesn’t do it and she does it for me.

Depressed & Anxious

We all experience feelings of depression and anxiety to some extent now and then. The question is whether your relationship is causing depression or anxiety or not. For instance, if he is angry in the relationship, feels emasculated, or is lonely in the relationship, then it would lead him to commit infidelity. Depression and anxiety aggravate things in the relationship.

Men’s Biology

Some say that you should blame the human evolution that makes men spread their seeds by sleeping with as many women as they have to. The woman wants to lock one man down. We can’t say whether such type of thinking is right or wrong, because we aren’t evolutionary biologists or physiologists.

There are some other relevant evolutionary theories that say that women are discriminatory in terms of choosing a partner because they can only reproduce once a month. On the other hand, men can reproduce every time they ejaculate, and that’s why they don’t discriminate when choosing a partner.

Psychopathic Traits

A vast majority of people are simple and they don’t have malicious intentions to hurt their partner. On the other hand, some people have got psychopathic tendencies, anti-social nature, and personality disorders because of any number of reasons. Until they address their personality issue, they would hurt anyone without giving any thought.

Problem with Getting Up

Men usually are under a lot of pressure in terms of sexual performance like erections, keeping it erected, and that type of thing. Some men tend to commit infidelity in order to validate their manliness. For instance, if they get back from such a situation, then they would consider themselves as some sort of lesser man who is not physically adequate.

Sex Addict

Some people have got a legitimate reason for sex addiction. As you’re aware of the fact that sexual intercourse causes dopamine receptors, they’re the pleasure center of the brain. However, addictive drugs like heroin and cocaine also trigger dopamine in your brain. Sexual intercourse could only trigger the dopamine receptors among some people more than anything else.

Total Idiot

Some people are serial cheaters and they have a history of lying and deceit. They involve in impregnating one girl and cheating on the other. After that, they will go out and start seeing someone else, and ruin their life as well. You just have to stay away from such people.

Conclusion: Why Do Men Cheat? Top 10 Reasons 

After an in-depth study of why men cheat; its top reasons; we have realized that people infidelity for various reasons. If you’re going to date someone, then you should keep in mind the abovementioned reasons and stay away from such people.