Why People are Afraid of Commitment – Signs

Some people love the idea of building a loving and long-lasting relationship, and others run away from it. We can say that some people have fear of commitment because of several reasons. Today, we’ll discuss signs and reasons why people are afraid of commitment.

Statistics-Why People are Afraid of Commitment 

  • According to a study by relationship expert Masini, people avoid commitment due to their previous bad relationship experiences with friends and family
  • Masini further added that fear of failure and peer pressure is the main reasons that people have fear of commitment
  • According to a study by Pew Research Center, 42% of the American people didn’t have any partner by the end of 2017 and it has declined approximately 3% since 2007. It proved that marriage and long-term committed relationships are decreasing.

Signs & Reasons why people are afraid of commitment 

If it is something that you’re going through, then it doesn’t mean that you’re incapable of establishing a long-term relationship, or you can’t love. In order to deal with this emotional issue, you should accept the fact you have fear of commitment problem. If you aren’t sure, then you pay heed to some of the following signs and reasons why people are afraid of commitment.

Waiting for Someone Better

People have difficulty in making a decision whether it’s a relationship, Movie Theater, cinema, or the dinner table. They don’t want to commit because it would make them miss out on all the fun activities. However, people that are in the relationship, they’re reluctant to commit because they think that there’s someone better out there.

Those people think that they would be willing to commit to such a perfect partner that they haven’t met before. It decreases their chances of committing to their relationships.

Fear of Failure

There are so many examples of failed relationships in our society, neighborhood, acquaintances, and all around us. It has the negative mindset of people, and they fear that they would end up the same way as other people if involved in a relationship.

In fact, they know the person very well, dated, and lived together for many years. When it comes to serious commitment, the fear of failure exists between them.

Love their Single Life

The single life allows you to travel wherever you like, do whatever you want, and talk to anyone without any thought of jealousy. When you’re in a relationship, then you have to keep in mind the interests of your partners. You have to give up a lot of things that you used to do in single life, and that’s why people avoid committed relationships.

For instance, many young people like the idea of a nightstand or no strings attached, where you don’t have any obligation of any sort. People don’t want to attend to the needs of the other person whenever he/she needs you. When you’re in a committed relationship, then you have to leave your single lifestyle behind.

Peer Pressure

It’s our human nature that we try to become or copy those people that we admire and spend time watching them or admiring them. For instance, if people in your social circle are living a single life, then you would like to stay single because you’re following the rule and standards of your peers.

However, if your group makes fun and jokes about married people as some sort of losers, then it would influence your mind towards following such a lifestyle. Most importantly, it requires you to get the approval of your peers if you’re getting into the relationship, and that’s what scares you of commitment.

Bad Experience with Relationship

If you’ve been through a bad experience in a past relationship, then it makes it very difficult to get over such feelings. After such a terrible relationship experience, the idea of single life becomes very charming to you. The idea of a relationship haunts them, and they don’t like to repeat the mistake of a committed relationship.

After going through bad relationships and choosing bad partners repetitively, they perceive a committed relationship as a symbol of misery or an imaginary thing. When you’re in a wrong relationship and a bad partner, then the idea of a committed relationship seems fearful to them.

Afraid of Abandonment

When we talk about fear, then it comes in many forms, fear of abandonment is also very strong. For instance, if they start dating and fall in love with someone, and their partner would leave them and that’s a very painful experience. In order to avoid such an experience, they prefer to commit to a relationship.

Nasty Divorce

Going through the divorce, legal settlement, lawyers’ fights, separation of children, and other legalities is an excruciating experience. It scares them from the idea of getting back into the relationship again because they think that it would end up the same way.

Don’t want to lose their Independence

Some people consider independence and freedom more than anything else, and a committed relationship is an attack on their independence. For instance, they don’t like to inform anyone while making tour plans, leaving the dishes unwashed, sharing everything with one person, or leaving your job without thinking about anything or anyone. Such choices of independence are gone when you’re in a relationship.

Bad Relationship with partner’s friends & family

Fear of abandonment also comes in many forms. For instance, if you and your partner don’t like each others’ friends and family members, then it amplifies the chances that they won’t commit themselves to a relationship with one another. If your partner finds out about your friendship and family ties with certain people, then your partner won’t think of commitment.

Finding Faults in Others

Some people are in a great love relationship, and their partner treats them fairly with love and respect. But they don’t have confidence in their relationship, and they think of breakups all the time. However, they start picking on their partner and start criticizing them whether they don’t like their friends, family, their choices, or some other reason. It ultimately leads to a breakup.

Why people are afraid of commitment

Conclusion: Why people are afraid of commitment – Reasons & Signs 

After an in-depth study of signs and reasons why people are afraid of commitment, we’ve realized that long-term commitment in a relationship is a serious problem for many people. We have mentioned some of the top reasons why it’s fearful for some people to be in a long-lasting relationship. If you think of something else, then do let us know.